Saturday, October 26, 2013

The Seven Gates of Hell

Author: Courtney Simmons

In the outskirts of Pennsylvania, in an area called, Hellam Township, there was a strange event that occurred years ago, which is how this area earned its name, The Seven Gates of Hell. The story behind this tragedy begins with a mental institution or an insane asylum that was said to be both either haunted or burned down. According to an online article called, “The Downtowning Gates of Hell,” from Weird U.S., states that if you were to pass through these seven gates then you would go straight to hell, but nobody has ever made it past the fifth gate (Wheeler). The article also states that the gates were located in the woods off a scene of a tragic asylum fire, and also how the gates today look like fallen trees in the woods. In another online article called, “Seven Gates of Hell,” from Hellam Township, it explains how there are rumors about the wooded off area called Troute Run Road in the northwestern part of the township (Gov Office). It explains the rumor of how the insane asylum caught on fire, and the inmates were either burned, killed, or lived on to murder (Office). The article then switches views and explains how as the rumors all seemed true, no asylum had ever existed in that area, and a local doctor had only one gate which was to keep out trespassers (Office). In an Article called, “Seven Gates of Hell, York, Pennsylvania, from, Unexplained-Mysteries, is based on different people’s point of views from others who have actually been to the area. According to one of the recorders, the doctors were crazy and the asylum was a place of pain and torment (Winchester). The article explains how the doctors and patients that were not killed during the asylum fire, were gunned down by the Sherriff and the cops (Winchester). 

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