Sunday, October 27, 2013

The Legend of The Bermuda Triangle

Author: Darren Johnson

Three points of land, Bermuda Island, Puerto Rico, and Miami, Florida make up the apex’s of The Bermuda Triangle. This triangle is located right off the coast of America in the Atlantic Ocean. The Bermuda Triangle is not like any other part of the ocean though. It is known for its mysterious disappearances and thousands of crewmen who have disappeared without a trace. For people who have heard about the Bermuda Triangle have probably heard about the more recent stories that have gone on in the triangle. The triangles mystery dates way back to the start of the New World. Thomas Jeffrey writes that even the eldest navigators nicknamed the island of Bermuda, “The Isles of the Devils.” He also says that Columbus and his crew watched a meteor fall into the sea. (Jeffrey 20)

More recent stories mostly kick of with the tall tale of Flight 19. December 5th, 1945 seven bomber planes left Ft. Lauderdale to never return or be heard from again. The pilots were not amateurs in their field, they were all professionals, so for them to just crash in the water and not know how to go about seeking help or receiving a nearby signal was not a difficult task. The final recorded signal from Flight 19 was a conversation between the pilot and of of the crew. The theory is that the crew started experiencing compass malfunctions and lost their directional path. A search plane was launched to try and find the team but there was no luck. The fourteen airmen had completely just vanished and there was no trace of death or crash landing.
Depiction of Flight 19 Bombers flying over Sargasso Sea
Flight 19 is not the only aircraft or ship that has played the disappearing act. We have lost U.S. naval ships and there have been witnesses who claimed to have experienced compass malfunction or engine failure in the triangle. The most peculiar thing people try to solve is what actually makes the crewmen disappear without a trace. There have been different types of theories such as underwater volcanoes that swallow ships, an unknown gravitational force that shuts down all electronic gauges, a time vortex that sends planes and ships back in time, and even an underwater civilization known as Atlantis. The imagination process when thinking of these theories is endless and until the world comes up with a logical explanation of what happened to Flight 19 and all the other one thousand crewmen who have disappeared in what happens in The Bermuda Triangle will remain a mystery.

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