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The Lost Civilization of Lemuria/Mu

Jenise Thompson

Lost Pacific Continent of Mu/ Lemuria

Lemuria has been called the lost continent for many years. It received the name because of the island sinking in the middle of the ocean and never returning to the surface. Lemuria was located  in the Indian & Pacific Ocean before the Great Flood occurred. Approximately 14,000 years ago the Lemurians started to receive information that the Earth was going to go through a dramatic shift. This dramatic shift was called the Great Flood, also known as the destruction of Atlantis.  While the Earth was lost Lemuria, it also started to lose Atlantis in the same period. For 200 years Atlantis, would shake and lose parts of the island. After taking the major loss of both Lemuria and Atlantis, the Earth continued to shake. The Earth suffered trauma and a setback from the loss, it took hundreds to thousands of years for the Earth to finally regain its balance. When the Earth regained its balance, it started to change in many ways. The atmosphere became toxic, cold, and it started to become harder for different foods to grow on the Earth.

Lemurians began to prepare 2,000 to 3,000 years’ prior of the Great Flood. In their preparation of the Great Flood, the people decided to learn how to survive and live life underground before the flood took place. The Lemurians took their time to make sure they had things in order before the time came for the flood. Lemurians created detailed maps of the underground tunnels of the different points on the planet. They also wanted to spread their teachings of the Earth through the cells of the human bodies to never be forgotten. They also stored their information of the teachings inside crystals. The crystals would be stored deep inside the Earth for years to come, and for those who found it to know of the things they taught. A year later the flood came, those who were underground survived, but for those who stayed on top of the land had perished from the flood. The land that the Lemurians once knew was never the same. Due to the Earth not being the same anymore, a large percentage of the plants and animals had perished along with the people.  Many of the people started to die of hunger, poverty, and because of diseases.

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            In5D Esoteric Metaphysical and Spiritual Database This website tells us about Lemuria’s culture. Based on the Lemurians culture, they were taught to prepare for the great cataclysm and learn to adapt to living underground. The purpose of this website is to tell about the Lemurians spreading there teachings about the Earth and to mankind before it’s forgotten. The source is unique because of how Lemurians would store the information of their teachings within the cells of the human bodies. The source is relevant because of the Lemurians who stayed underground during the great cataclysm became the sacred keepers of the Earth.

The Ideal Palace

Kayla Heyward

Looking up at the image above, you may be wondering what this large piece of artwork is. This artwork is known as a place called “The Palais Ideal” (Ideal Palace), also known as the Postman’s Palace. This beautiful four-sided castle is made from limestone, cement, stones, and wire. In 1879, it was built in Hauterives, France by a man named Ferdinand Cheval. Ferdinand “Postman” Cheval was born in 1836 in the French commune of Charmes-sur-Herbasse. Cheval had received a minimal amount of formal education. At the age of thirteen he dropped out of school to become a baker’s apprentice, but he ended up becoming a postman instead. This is where his nickname Postman Cheval came from.

So you may be wondering how did an ordinary man like him built such a magnificent creation. It began in 1864 after Cheval had a dream about building the Palais Ideal. But he never shared this with anyone, because he was afraid of the thought of being laughed at. So fifth teen years after this he had nearly forgotten this dream. Until one day in April 1879 while he was on his regular mail routine and he tripped on a stone. So Cheval stopped to examine the oddly shaped stone, which he found interesting and decided to keep it.  The next day he went back to the same spot and found some more unique stones that he took back home. From this day forward, Cheval began a 27 year period of collecting stones. Cheval would carry these stones in his pants pockets, until his wife started complaining of his pants become worn from the weight of the rocks. So he decided to start using a basket, but since the stones weighed so much he had to use a new strategy. That’s when Cheval began to start using a wheelbarrow. For the next thirty years Cheval’s wheelbarrow would become a big contribution to building his magical garden. To complete his project he would go on his regular mail route and any stone he saw along the way, he would mark them so he could come back to find them. Then after his rounds he would return with his wheelbarrow to pick up the stones that he marked. Every stone he collected would become step closer to his dream coming to life.

Cheval quoted “Since Nature provided me with sculptures I shall become an architect and a mason (besides who isn’t a bit of a mason?). While tramping I thought of Napoleon who said the word ‘impossible’ does not or should not exist. Since then I agree with him. The word impossible no longer exists.” With this quote and these rocks of varied and unique shape would inspire Cheval to create his “fairytale- like palace”, the Palais Ideal. Cheval devoted 33 years of his life to build his dream palace. 

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Vanishing Hitchhikers/Resurrection Mary

Allie Johnson

The photo above might seem a little weird to some. It is a picture provide to the viewers to see the vanishing hitchhikers.  Vanishing Hitchhikers is either a myth or a legend. If you are confused as to what a myth or a legend is, you can visit this website to learn more. After reading this website’s blog, readers can than make an opinion on what they believe. Vanishing Hitchhikers have been dated all the way back to the 20th century, but goes back much later.  The reason this story is told so much today is because humans have reported actually seeing vanishing hitchhikers in real life. A vanishing hitchhiker is someone who calmly gets in the car with others after being offered a ride. After a little while of riding, or coming to the spot that the hitchhikers needs to go. The hitchhikers than just disappear without warning or without any signs. It has been said that some hitchhikers leave a garment that they are wearing, or a tissue that they had when they got in.  It is said, that the very first hitchhiker was the Apostle Philip (Myths and Legends).  In the bible, (Acts 8:26-39) it tells readers about how an Ethiopian who was driving a chariot picks up Peter; the Apostle baptizes him and then disappears (Myths and Legends). 

While there are countless stories that have been reported about Vanishing Hitchhikers. The most common story that is told is the story about a girl named Mary. This story is called Resurrection Mary. The first time she was seen was in 1930. She was spotted in Chicago. On the Archer Avenue road.  People have said they have seen her around there, while others have said to have seen her around the ballroom, or near the graveyard in Chicago; the one she was buried at. But who is she and how did she become vanishing hitchhiker. It is said, that one night a young girl was out with her boyfriend at the ballroom. As the night got longer Mary and her boyfriend got into an argument. Mary decided to walk home, because she would rather face the cold, then have to spend another second with her boyfriend. As she was walking home in the dark, she was hit and killed by a driver on Avenue road. The driver of the vehicle fled the scene. Mary’s parents buried her in the resurrection cemetery. Many believe that she returning from the dead to have one last dance with her boyfriend. While others believe that she is returning to gain revenge on her killer. While there could be many reasons as to why she returns.  All the witnesses that have seen her can agree on one thing. SHE’S REAL!!!!!!!!

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Your Love Locked Out

Nahtanoj Ecyb

The beginning of locking your love
Paris, France is an amazing place many lovers go and experience the magic of the city of love, but one of the most famous tourist traditions has been put on hold for the Pont Des Arts Bridge famous of the love locks lovers lock on the bridge is no more. For the bridge famous for love can no longer bare the weight of people’s love locks. Which has many lovers disappointed over this fact for they were not about to put their on locks on the bridge and lock in their love.
The Pont des Arts Bridge was built in 1801 and orders from Napoleon. The bridge is crosses over the Seine River. The bridge is not the same as it is today, for when first build it was an iron bridge which was the first one in France. The bridge was damaged from bombings during WWI, WWII, and boats colliding into it. The current Pont des Arts Bridge which was built identically from the first was made from steel. The Bridge is now a spot for art show.

Pont des Arts is not just a regular bridge for it had a mystery surrounding it which involved love locks. It seems that no one knows who started the trends or when it started, but some people have come up with a legend that states the origins of love locks and why there so popular.  “Legend states that just before World War II, in the town of Vrnjacka Banja, a couple named Nada and Relja found themselves embroiled in a passionate, amorous tryst. When war broke out, Relja enlisted in the army, and Nada pledged to faithfully await his return; however, she later discovered that Relja had fallen for another woman while away on the frontlines. As the story goes, Nada died from a broken heart, and in her memory, other village girls began attaching padlocks onto the Most Ljubavi Bridge (translated: “Bridge of Love”), where Nada and Relja once spent their time. On these padlocks, each girl wrote her name alongside her beloved’s name to ensure that special someone wouldn’t leave as Relja had”. (Rendón)

The Love lock mystery in Paris is believed to have started in 2008 when couples travel to Paris and arrive to the bridge and engraved their names onto the locks placing it anywhere on the bridge and throws the key into the river. This show of love continued on tell June of 2015 when the city had the panels where most of the locks were on the bridge remove, for the weight of the locks where destroying the panels and causing a safety problem for the bridge was not made to hold the amount of weight all the locks added up to which was about forty tons. The city is now replacing the panels with glass with artist drawing. Now the bridge is used to have art shows.
Love Locks are not just popular in Paris but many places in the world and the city were the love lock trends is have made the locks in to a piece of art work, for example in Moscow, Russia the locks are attached on a man-made metal tree, and Toronto, Canada there are heart shaped sculptures couples can put their padlocks, so that they want put it on the Humber Bay Arch Bridge. 

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Other sources:
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A website of a petition that locals in Paris made to ban people putting love locks on the bridge

Love Locks online
A website that promotes the custom of placing lovelocks on landmarks.

New York Post
Tells the problems of that hanging love locks on the Brooklyn Bridge. Which is a similar case to Pont Des Art Bridge

Stull Cemetery

Mason Mauldin

After all my research on Stull Cemetery, I have learned that you do not want to go to Stull, Kansas. There’s more to this story, but I want to get that out here in the beginning.
For over a century, Stull Cemetery has been linked to countless legends involving witchcraft, and satanic cults. Blake Smith explains that the people of “Stull has suffered enough from the drunken idiots who were disappointed at the lack of supernatural activity”. The vandalism by visitors of Stull Cemetery has taken a toll over the last one hundred years. Erwin Seba said “Any little damage to a headstone could cost up to $25,000”. The people of Stull are fed up with the disrespect of the visitors and journalists that disrespect Stull and the Cemetery, and are not afraid to prosecute them, or to get the law involved. Stull is such a tiny town, and not even really a town based on the population, just a collection of a few houses, a church, and a graveyard. However, the small population of residents is not all that encounters Stull, Kansas. The place is believed to contain a number of residents that are from beyond this earth. In addition, the town is also home to a number of legends, and strange tales that are linked to the run down church and Stull Cemetery itself. Taylor explains there have been devil sighting since the 1850’s, and explains how the people buried here at Stull Cemetery had died from painful deaths, and that that’s why this location is so haunted. People have heard all the horrific and mysterious things that has happened at Stull Cemetery, like sprits appearing at midnight, and the noises heard over the years. According to the legend, the gate to Hell was either under or next to the little church in the cemetery. Taylor, and urban legends have tied the place, and have said that when the Pope flew over the US he had his plane divert around Kansas to avoid flying over unhallowed ground which, is Stull Cemetery. Some people have even told stories of seeing Satan himself on Halloween night, at midnight. Matthews said that even with all the hate, and horror towards the cemetery. The front gate is still wide open for visitors of family and friends, still putting fresh flowers that are propped up against the shiny new graves from the new burials. Overall this research has really opened my eyes not to step foot in Stull, but will you be brave enough to go check out Stull, and Its haunted cemetery for yourself?

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This article by Weird U.S. describes the Cemetery and town in detail. It also goes into detail about the hauntings and demonic figures around Stull. 

: Lucky Number 7

Amari Kinard

Most of the things in our world comes in the number seven, meaning its seven of everything. For example, we have seven days in a week, seven seas, and seven continents. It is also seven colors of the rainbow and its also seven notes on the musical scale. In Judaism, the number seven is associated with creationism. The Jewish people also sit Shiva for seven days. The number seven also corresponds to Mosses birthday. Their are seven days of Passover. In the Jewish religion, the number seven is a reflection of completion. Members of the Judaic faith have a superstition about the fact that the verse of Torah contains seven words. The Jewish tradition, the number seven has a very sacred standing and is an indication of being without flaw. It is the number that cannot be defined because God accomplishes seven of something, he creates seven more. Seven times Seven is a euphemism for eternity, or without limitations, or the total possible outcomes. The "seed of life" represents six days of creation with the center circle representing the day of rest. For Americans, breaking a mirror means seven years of bad luck, so fur us this number is not so lucky. During ancient times, before the invention of the telescope, only seven planets were visible which were, the sun, moon, mercury, Venus, Mars, Saturn, and Jupiter. This is why many ancient cultures adopted seven Gods or Deities, example: The Chinese culture believe in seven Gods. The horoscopes Pisces and Cancer is associated with the number seven. In the Hindu culture, the bride and groom are to walk around a fire seven times taking seven steps and they are to say a vow at every seven steps. There are seven ancient wonders. The seven deadly sins include: Pride, Sloth, Greed, Lust, Envy, Anger, and Anger. There are also seven cosmic principles. For me the number seven really is not a lucky number. I never knew the number seven was so lucky for many people and their cultures. A article says a person who is seventh to something is spiritual, but not religious and seems shy, but not to be confused with having low self-esteem. It also says seven is tall and lanky but not athletic. The number seven is a very unique number that can deal with religion, a person, it also a number people use when getting married, and it even has some meaning with horoscopes. It also has something to do with people who gamble. The image of "Lucky 7" dice roll is usually made of the numbers 5+2, but it sometimes comes up as 4+3. The "Lucky 7" image derive from the dice game craps, where rolling 7 wins, and the dice that roll 7 is a symbol of "Gambler's Luck.

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Theory of Hollow Earth

Jaylen Johnson

Most people who know who Edmond Halley is, know that he discovered that comets have elliptical orbits and he also has a comet named after him, Halley’s Comet. Not only did Edmond Halley discover this observation of comets, but he is the creator of the hollow earth theory. As he studied the Earth’s magnetic field, he noticed that the earth had a problem in its magnetic variations especially at the north and south poles. In 1692, he presented his theory to the British society. Edmond Halley’s theory was that the Earth was hollow and on the inside there were three smaller circles. He stated that the circles had their own magnetic field causing the magnetic variations at the Earth’s poles. The most amazing aspect of his theory was that he believed that there may be life inside of the Earth in between the gaps of these three smaller spheres. Over time, Halley’s theory has been altered by believers to what they actually thought was the case of Earth being hollow making this seem to be a psuedoscience.

This theory of Earth being hollow has much controversy surrounding it because there are so many possibilities that individuals have come up with based on Edmond Halley’s original theory. According to Eric Grunhauser, in his article “The Hollow Earth Is Filled With Giants, Germans, and A Little Sun”, some individuals believe that Hitler and the Germans made it to hollow Earth by making a deal with the people of hollow Earth. Most believers view the inside of hollow Earth to be a paradise or UTOPIA where technology is more advanced than on the surface and the people who live there are descendants of ancient civilizations.

John Cleeves Symmes was another major believer of Earth being hollow. He was a war of 1812 hero and wrote letters and gave lectures about Earth being hollow. Eventually made actions to go to the poles and find entrances to the hollow Earth. Even though he found no entrances to hollow earth at the poles he didn’t stop believing that the earth was hollow and kept informing people of the Earth being hollow until he died in 1849. A man named Cyrus Teed came up with the theory that the whole universe was inside of a shell and we were living on the inside of earth. He described when we look up that the moon and other planets to be an illusion and stars to be reflections of light. Teed created his own cult in Estero, Florida named Koreshan Unity, and lasted from 1894 to when Cyrus Teed died in 1908.

From my research, the hollow earth theory is really controversial because there are so many different views on this topic of whether the earth is hollow or not. What if the Earth is actually hollow? What’s inside? Who’s inside?

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The Legend of the Loch Ness Monster

Morgan Gumola

The Loch Ness Lake located in the Highlands of Scotland is said to have many monsters and cryptids, but the most famous one of all is called the Loch Ness Monster. The Loch Ness Monster, also known as “Nessie” has been a legend in Scotland since 1933. The first sighting of Nessie was in 565 AD but the sighting wasn’t given any attention by the media. The first speculation of the Loch Ness Monster was in 1933 from a sighting by a couple near the Loch Ness Lake. Nessie lives in the Scottish Highlands and in the biggest body of water in Britain. She is said to have two humps, four fins, a long tail, and a snake-like head. There has been no way to know what Nessie feasts on but scientist say if they find out what she eats there will be an easier way to find her. It is said that Nessie is not considered a mammal because she would have to come up for air and a lot more people would have spotted her.

There have been numerous sightings (over 1,000) of Nessie and false images of her as well. The most famous photo of the Loch Ness monster was taken in1934 but later was discovered to be a hoax. The Loch Ness Monster has been reportedly seen on Google maps. In a robot found a large object in the Loch Ness Lake, but it later came out to be a movie prop in the lake from the 1970s film “The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes”. There have been multiple organized searches for Nessie and there are four people who are Nessie hunters as their profession. Robert Rines, Tim Dinsdale, and Steve Feltham are three of the four experts on the Loch Ness Monster.

There has been a huge article going around titled “Loch Ness Hunter: Have we been catfished by Nessie?”. Steve Feltham a Nessie hunter for over 24 years believes that the Loch Ness Monster has been a catfish, and the sightings people have reported were sightings of a Wels Catfish. These catfish can grow up to 13 feet long. The expert says that these catfish can live a very long life and have been around for quite the time. The hunter since 1991 has ended his career searching for the monster and says he does not believe that the Loch Ness Monster is a prehistoric monster. The description of Nessie does not match the description of a catfish. The descriptions say that Nessie has two large humps and four fins with a snake like head but a catfish does not look like that. While this legend has been going on since 565 AD Steve Felthams search is over. A lot of Nessie believers do not believe Steve and are still continuously searching for Nessie because of more information out on the internet.

Overall the legend of the Loch Ness Monster will forever be around even if Nessie is a myth or not. There are many attractions, news reports, and movies on the Loch Ness Monster and the search will never be over.

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The Beast of Gevaudan

Darrell Craig

The Beast of Gevaudan was one the first serial killers recorded in the world’s history. This animal, or demon as some may recognize, was double the size of a normal wolf and had many ways that were different from the way it lived and hunted. This beast terrorized the south-central mountains of France for years before they “killed” it. The story goes back to the first recorded sighting in 1764. There were many distinct features on the beast which included: sharp long teeth, coarse black hair, and a very massive body. This animal was the perfect killing machine, its body was perfectly made to survive in the mountains of France which is also a factor of why it took so long for them to “kill” the beast. Many victims had their lives taken by this beast and only some were lucky enough to live another day after the encounter with the beast.

There were many ways the citizens of France could tell if the beast of Gevaudan had struck or not. The beast usually only attacked women and children. Their bodies would be found sometimes unclothed, or with their throats ripped out, and in many of the cases their bodies would drained of blood. This caused many of the people to say “werewolf” or even “demon”. The beast had taken over 200 lives while it made its way through France. Many of the people became outraged by the animal and started to go out and hunt the beast. They would begin to cover the land in small groups. Then soon as time passed the searches became large parties of men, and soon after that a whole army of men began to search for the beast. The beast even got the attention of King Louis XV who sent much of his army to find and kill the beast. The search went on for a while and many rewards were offered for the capture of the beast. During the search for the beast, there were hundreds of wolves were massacred. The population of the wolves were troubled in that area after this. The reason of the killing of the wolves was thought that they could have also been apart of the murders as well and not just the beast alone. In 1767, the beast disappeared around the middle of that year. Many say that the vast amount of poisoned carcasses are what drove the beast out the area. There were no more reports or sighting of the animal after that year. 

Many people today struggle, including myself, to grasp if this creature actually existed or not. This could’ve easily been a rather large wolf that people could’ve mistaken as a werewolf simply because of its size in general. The blood being drained from their bodies was another factor of the werewolf conspiracy. The only facts that are truly held firm are that people were dying in large numbers and in a span of three years without any explanation. The victims were obviously attacked and killed viciously with evidence of it being an animal. Many will never know if the beast did really exist or if this was simply an overgrown wolf. All we know for sure is the murders stopped in 1767 and did not continue. 

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The Maco Light

Sara Wilson 

Maco Light

In 1867, a guy named Joe Baldwin died from a horrible train accident in Maco, North Carolina . Some people believe that he was the conductor of that train and some people believe that Joe worked on that train track. At the time Joe was riding in the last train cart. Joe’s train cart started to slow down. Eventually, his train cart was detached from the rest of the train. Joe then realized that another train would be coming any minute. Then, he heard it. This time it was different, this train was a passenger train. He decided that he had to find a way to warn the other engineer that his train cart was in the way of the tracks so that the passengers would not get hurt. Joe stood on top of the train and waved a lantern back and forth to try and warn the engineer.  He did not know if this was going to work or not , but he had to try and do something to try and save the passengers on the other train. The engineer of the other train saw the light and tried his best to stop before he hit Joe , but there was no possible way he could stop in such a short distance. Joe died and was decapitated.  During the time of the accident investigators looked and looked for Joe’s head, but they unfortunately had no luck. To this day they still have not been able to find Joe Baldwin’s head and he was buried without it. Years after people reported that a lantern would start coming near you and then gradually float away when they visited where the tracks in Maco, North Carolina used to be. Today, people are still traveling to the tracks to see if they can see The Maco Light. The legend still goes on, but some people are not sure that the light is what everyone thinks it is.

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