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The Bray Road Beast

Myiesha Harley

The Bray Road Beast
 Bray Road in Elkhorn, Wisconsin, is described to be a very peaceful, beautiful, quiet area. It’s mainly just woods on this road, but theses woods is the home of the Beast of Bray Road. This beast is described as a cryptid which is an animal that cryptozoologist believe is real but has not been discovered yet.

This beast has been called hairy humanoid, shapeshifter, bigfoot and also a werewolf. The Bray Road Beast has been spotted in Wisconsin number of times. The first encounter of the Bray Road Beast was in1936. Although it has been label as a werewolf, no one has actual seen it transform. The first report of the beast was in 1991 by a lady named Doristine Gipson.  Doristine was driving down the Bray Road and while she was changing her radio station felt a bump up under her car. She got out and checked the rear of the car to see if she had hit anything, but she did not see anything. Doristine then checked her surrounds, but she did not see anything. As she started towards the woods, she saw something hairy charge towards her. Doristine ran back to her car and as she was driving away the creature jumped on the trunk of her car but it fell off. The next day, Halloween night, she returned back to Bray Road with a little girl that she had been taking trick-or-treating. She told the little girl to stay in one spot while she went to the She seen the creature again and drove away. 

Is it Human?

Doristine was not the only one to see the beast. Lori Enddrizzi and Tom seen the beast after Doristine. Lori had informed her mother that she thought she had seen a werewolf and her mother believed her. She explained to her mother that her first impression of the beast was a human from the beast backside. Once Lori past the animal, she slowed down to look at the beast in her rear mirror. She said that the beast was holding its food like how a human would. 

Although this creature was spotted on Bray Road, Tom claimed that he seen it two times on Route 106,which is still in Wisconsin. He also said the lit left a scratch on his car. There are many more reports and new articles about the beast. No one knows exactly if it’s a human, a wolf or a werewolf. It’s up to you whether you believe or not.

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