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The True Dracula: Vlad the Impaler

Author: Marlayne Smith

“Vlad the Impaler: The REAL Dracula.” By Joannapary
Dracula by Bram Stoker is the most famous horror story ever written. Bram Stoker was the one who brought the mythology of vampires to the world and vampires has become a popular since then. Everyone knows who Count Dracula is. Count Dracula has been described as not human, no reflection, turns into a bat or a wolf, fears the holly cross and can only be killed by stake through the heart. Count Dracula was undead and more importantly, Count Dracula drinks human blood. Where did Bram Stoker get this idea? Historians and scholars all point towards to Prince Vlad the Third. For centuries, Prince Vlad Tepes has been known to be a ruthless ruler who had the pleasure of killing his enemies.  


Back in the 1400s in Transylvania (now know as Romania), there was such a man known as Prince Vlad the Third, the Prince of Wallachia and the son of Vlad the Second (1431-1476). Vlad’s brother were, Radu cel Frumos (the handsome), Mircea the second of Wallachia (the oldest sibling) and Vlad’s half-brother, Vlad Calugarul. Prince Vlad was also known for another name, Prince Vlad Tepes, the Impaler. What Prince Vlad the Third did to his enemies was unthinkable. Such as the men who worked and then betrayed his father, were all impaled. Vlad’s acts on impaling people were so horrifying, the village people, whether they were Vlad’s enemies or not, and his enemies started to fear him. Yet, the victims who were welcome into Vlad’s home knew something bad was going to happen, but the victims came into Vlad’s welcoming “parties” anyway and were killed by impalement. 


The Dark Dracula Castle in Transilvania or Transylvania.” By Cristian Loja

A rumor has stated from a record by an unknown person who said Vlad would not just only impale his victims but drink their blood during the feats and after the feasts.. One true fact was when Vlad gave a group of men a big feast to enjoy and entertain the men. The men Vlad invited were the men who worked for his father and betrayed his father. Vlad had a plan in his mind to strike back at them as he saw the men were enjoying themselves. Not knowing who really was involved with his father’s death, Vlad’s only way to kill the killers was to kill all the men was loyal at his father’s side, the Order of the Dragon. Vlad put his father’s men into hard labor force. So hard that the men’s clothes started tear off from them from working endless. Just when the men’s clothes were all off, Vlad ordered his men to impale every one of his father’s men. The men were impaled as they were placed surrounding Vlad’s castle. This act of revenge started the rumors about Vlad drinking human blood after the death of these men. 

“Vlad the Impaler.” By Scott Jackson

Another story is told about when Vlad and his 10,000 men came to villages and then impaling thousands of people. For Vlad, this was his way to fear off his enemies. Sticking them on wooden pole in his forest and then outside his castle, Will Romano explained in his article. Vlad didn’t even have to fight face to face with the Ottoman armies in battle. The Ottoman armies came upon the impaling bodies and turned their heads away from the dying victims. They couldn’t look as each of the Ottoman armies marched back away from the bodies and not evening wanting to enter the forest. Wishing they never saw the thousands of victims being impaled.
Since hundred of years after the death of Vlad the Impaler, Vlad has become a major example as the first like vampire in the world. Whether Vlad was drinking human blood is true or not, the whole concept of vampires drinking blood started one of them mythologies about vampires, Ray Porter highlights in his essay. There is also a debate about Vlad being a great ruler and what he did was the good for his people and country. Many people who’ll try to point this across and believe Vlad as a good man. In medieval times, there were many ruthless rulers. Rulers who’ll do such cruel acts, such as cutting people, burning them alive, hanging them and so on with torturing people. These tortures were all based on a ruler’s laws in their country.
Whoever Vlad the third was, based on the research, he was a ruler who was doing his job and sought out revenge for his family. Then the revenge turned Vlad into a brutal psychological killer. Therefore by becoming one of the most evil men in history, based on by historians and scholars around the world who had studied him. Also to anybody who’ll learn about Vlad and having their own thoughts about Vlad the Third. Some will argue, mostly the Romanian people, who will defend Prince Vlad Tepes the Third and believe Vlad’s acts of violence has been fabricated from lies and rumors. I guess no one will know the truth about Vlad and the reasons of what he did as the Prince of Wallachia.

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