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Hoia-Baciu Forest, Romania

 by Mr. Purday

The Hoia-Baciu Forest is one of the world's most haunted forests in the world. The 792 acre forest is located in Romania. The forest has stories including aliens, unexplained time travel, and feelings of uncertainty. It truly is one of the world's greatest mysteries.

The Forest is located in Romania near the city of Cluj-Napoca. Also known as Transylvania, the home of Dracula. Its also the oldest settlement destination of the Neolithic. The Forest has many tales of ghost sightings, UFO sightings, and unexplained disappearances. The forest came to fame when a five year old girl disappeared and then reappeared 5 years later the same and didn't even know she went missing.

Legends of the Hoia-Baciu Forest vary depending on the people who actually have the guts to go inside the forest. Some of the most famous stories include one person who claims to have seen a ghost when going in the woods. One story includes an army soldier who was surveying the forest and actually got a picture of what looked like a UFO hovering over the forest. A pretty recent story includes one of a shepherd and his 50 sheep disappearing and never being seen again. The most famous story was when a five year old disappeared in the forest and then returned five years later untouched and didn't even know she was claimed as missing. There's many videos on youtube of people filming their experience in the forest and some go in and out fine but then claim to feel sick a couple days later and don't know why. One guy went into the forest and claimed that he saw a ghost and decided to run out of the forest. 2-3 days later he explained that his skin startled peeling off his body like an intense sunburn. 


A lot of people started believing that the forest was haunted after the story of the Military official posting a picture of the UFO hovering over the forest. He had nothing to gain but everything to lose. He later was fired for spreading fake pictures and was claimed insane by the Military.

The forest remains a world mystery. From disappearances and sights of ghosts. Ghost hunters did do documentation on the forest and did claim for it to be haunted.

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The Infamous Irish Wailing Banshees

 by Me’Doña Summers

Shhh…Did you hear that?

Anyways, have you ever heard of the saying “screaming like a banshee”? Well, if you haven’t, the saying is usually used when someone is screeching or yelling loudly; that’s what banshees do. It might help to know what Banshees are. Banshees are spirits in Irish folklore that appear when a family  member is about to die. They alert others in the family with wailing and clapping, not scary at all. They are typically women who wear white or grey cloaks and look like they are suffering a terrible loss. She can vary from an old woman to a young, beautiful spirit.

Waiting and Wailing Banshees

In Irish or traditional Gaelic language, the original translation for banshee is “Bean sí” meaning fairy spirit. Different fairies have different special powers. Banshees are fairies, just very…intimidating. “Bean Sidhe” meaning woman of death. Many believe banshees originated from Keeners. Keening is a part of the Irish death ritual. Keeners are women who wail and sing to help guide spirits to the otherss ide. They normally sing and wail at funerals. Keeners do it to help bring comfort to the mourning family.

Some of the earliest encounters date back to the late 1800s after the great famine that ended in 1852. Back then, people were dying because of disease and starvation. There were a large number of deaths, so the sound of a wailing woman was not uncommon. According to an article blog post by Eileen Moylan, Banshees are seen and heard typically by the old Irish families or ancient Gaelic nobility, such as O’Connors and O’ Neills, etc. Basically any last names that begin with O, Mc, or Mac. Eileen Moylan is an Irish native jeweler, who makes authentic Irish historical jewelry for Irish natives. One of her clients stated in the blog post, spoke about their encounter with a Banshee, guess what their last name was, O’Connor


White Barn Owl
In some of the sources, stories like those listed in the previous article were dismissed because the natives back then agreed to disagree. A lot of the stories are similar in ways like the rattling in bushes or the timing in the screams. Some people were starting to think that animals were making the noise, a common animal that makes a similar screeching noise are the barn owls native to central and southern Ireland. 

It could be a Banshee, or it could be a Barn owl. If you heard this SOUND,
what would you think?

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alone It is also entertaining to watch.

Men in Black

 by Loyda E. Paz

Men in Black isn’t just a movie it also a conspiracy theory. The conspiracy is about men who reach out to people that have encounters with UFOS or do a lot of research of UFOS. There are people that say that they have been contacted by these ‘Men in Black’ and they always have weird creepy encounters with them.

People who have had encounters with these men say that their features are different than a human. Some even think that the ‘Men in Black’ are aliens themselves because they have no hair, like eyebrows or even eyelashes. They wear black suits with black trench coats, and black shoes as well. Not only do they have different features than humans, but they also don’t go by names they go by numbers.

The first person to encounter the ‘Men in Black’, that is known of, is the encounter of
Harold Dahl. Harold Dahl was one day picking up logs with his son and dog, while he was doing this, he saw six donut like shaped figures above his boat. One of the figures dropped and killed his dog, but luckily him and his kid were okay. Dahl couldn’t believe what he saw and took a picture of the object that just fell in front of him. The next morning Harold Dahl was contacted by a man in all black, the man told him to not talk about the incident again or something bad could happen. This isn’t the only encounter that people have had with the ‘Men in Black’ but this is the first one that is talked about.

Another person that has had an encounter with the man in black was Dan Aykroyd. His encounter was in New York, he was shooting a show and he stepped outside for a bit, while he was outide he saw a man that was wearing a black suit standing by a lack Ford sedan, whenever Aykroyd looked at something else and then looking back for the Ford Sedan it wasn’t there anymore. To make things a little bit creepy when he went back inside he was told that the show was over with.

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Links for Further Research: you want to know about more encounters people have had with men in black click this link. link has just basic information about the MIB but helpful information. article will talk more about the Dahl encounter with the MIB and an encounter that happenedrecently.
If you want to know about more encounters people have had with men in black click this link.
This link has just basic information about the MIB but helpful information.
This article will talk more about the Dahl encounter with the MIB and an encounter that happened
recently. you want to know about more encounters people have had with men in black click this link. link has just basic information about the MIB but helpful information. article will talk more about the Dahl encounter with the MIB and an encounter that happenedrecently.

The Seven Gates of Hell

 by Brenda Florido-Lopez

The Seven Gates of Hell is located in Hellam Township, Pennsylvania. Once on Trout Run Road, but is now known as Toad Road. One myth about the Seven Gates of Hell is in the 1900s, an asylum burned to the ground and while firefighters were trying to go in and save the patients, they couldn’t make it in time because of the number of gates this asylum had. The patients who did manage to get out of the fire, were caught by police and beaten by police if they were too psychotic, some others managed to not get caught. The gates in this story resemble keeping the patient’s souls from coming out and anyone from coming in. 

Another myth about the Seven Gates of Hell is there was a doctor who lived in the area and he went insane which caused him to build seven gates going deep into the forest. It is said that only one gate was visible during the day but at night, the other six could only be seen at night. whoever has passed the gates never make it past the fifth gate, and once passing all seven, they will be entering Hell.

People who do go into the gates have heard screams and a rush of wind throughout the forest. Because of all the attention this area received, the gates are no longer there. Although the gates are no longer there, travelers enjoy camping near the area where the asylum supposedly was. Hellam Township has claimed there was never an asylum built in that part of town nor a fire. Although there is a doctor who lives there with one gate, he has no trespassing signs throughout his property. People have also argued that because of “Hell” in Hellam, it is named after hell, but Hellam Townhsip has also denied that, they claim it is named after Hallamshire, England. 

The town of Hellam has asked for tourists to stop coming for this reason, and that trespassers will be prosecuted.

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Skinless Creature

 by Aalayna Bolton

Veronica Byrd told an interesting story about a young man who suspected that his beautiful wife might be a BooHag. While BooHags are considered an urban legend they are real to the Gullah culture as creatures that are similar to vampires who feed on the unsuspecting and vulnerable people nearby. In this story the young man named Emmet was looking for love when he found a beautiful woman to marry. People around town were warning him that she was strange and he needed to stay away from her. He married her anyway. After their marriage he started to notice on certain nights at midnight his wife was nowhere to be found. He got worried and thought she was seeing someone else. He ranted to his friend about what was going on and his friend told him that she might be a BooHag. One night he looked in the closet and saw his wife’s skin hanging up. He put salt and pepper inside her skin. When his wife returned that night, he saw her skinless. When she put her skin on it was burning her alive and she eventually died. Although BooHags are dangerous, widespread and unnatural they have a rich history and there are ways to repel and protect against them.

Robin Jarvis explains the legend of Gullah culture and the origin of the BooHag. He states that, “The seas Islands and the Coastal plains of the Southern Coast of South Carolina are home to a culture rich in African Heritage.” The heritage site is called “Gullah” after the creole language spoken there. The Gullah people along South Carolina’s coast have a culture all their own. Their culture is well-respected by other South Carolinians. Part of their culture involves the legendary tale known as “Folklore” of the BooHag. The Gullah people believed that if a person did not make it into heaven they became a BooHag instead of going to Hell. 

Author, Kyle Van Helsing gives information about what a BooHag does. He states, “A BooHag is a vampire-like creature. It’s similar to the vampire of Central and Eastern European folklore. The BooHag sits on the chest of their victim while “riding” them.” BooHags steal their victim’s breath while they are sleeping and they wake up tired. BooHags live in abandoned houses that are deep within the swamps of South Carolina. The BooHag’s appearance is difficult to miss as the BooHag has no skin to call its own. He states that, “Since the BooHag has no skin, its muscles, tendons, and arteries are exposed.” This is why the BooHag steals the skin from victims who struggle to fight with them during the attack. They eventually kill the victim and wear the skin as its own. During the day, the Hag appears to be a young and beautiful lady. At night the Hag removes its skin and takes off into the night sky to look for victims.”

Sloane Frederick provides information about how to get rid of a BooHag and Shannon Scott provides another way. Sloane explains that getting rid of a BooHag requires you to use a broom because it will attach itself to the broom once it jumps out of its victim. Then it can be swept out the door. Shannon explains how some Gullah people practiced voodoo to rid themselves and others of BooHags. The Gullah used paint called the “Haint blue” paint because it kept the haints  away.” Haint was another word for an evil spirit or BooHag.

BooHags have been around for years as they find their roots in Gullah culture. They are a myth but many people recognize them as being real. They are the source of many superstitions and there are ways to protect and defend against them. Always keep a broom near and be educated on what they are.

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Clinton Road NJ: The most haunted road in the world?

 By Patrick Watkins

Clinton Road New Jersey has been the location of some very strange occurrences since the 1980s including but not limited to the ghost boy at Deadman's curve, the girl in the Camero, and strange creature sightings including a hellhound, a wolf-dog hybrid, and many other mythical creatures.

Probably the most famous story about Clinton Road is the ghost boy at dead man’s curve. It is not clear when the story started, but every story of the ghost boy is almost identical. The ghost boy is supposedly of a boy who drowned in the river under the bridge at dead man’s curve. It is said that if someone throws a coin into the river below the next morning it will be in the middle of the road. Another part of the story is that if someone stands on the edge of the bridge the ghost boy will push them off of the bridge’s edge to drown them as he did.

 Another famous ghost story involving Clinton Road is the angry road raging girl in the Camero. The girl in the Camero was a teenage girl who drove into the cement divider on one of the sharper turns around dead man’s curve in 1988. The supposed was to trigger a manifestation of her was to simply mention her at night and she would suddenly appear and run the car containing the person who mentioned her off of the road before once again crashing into the same cement barrier. 

Some of the lesser-known stories are those of the strange creatures that inhabit the wooded area around Clinton Road. The most prominent of these  eing a hellhound a dog like creature that serves the devil. The second most know is of all things to appear in New Jersey some monkeys that supposedly escaped from a jungle habitat that  closed in 1976. Another story is of a floating dog that chases people who get too close to the cross  castle a supposed site of KKK and satanic rituals. 

In 1983 there was a body found on the edge of the  road the autopsy reviled to authorities that the  blood of the victim has ice crystals all thorough it  and was consistent with several other bodies that had turned up and this way of finding bodies gave the killer the nickname iceman. The iceman also known as Richard Kuklinski was arrested for the murders in 1986 and died 2006.



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Links for further research


The Dybbuk Box

 By Wyatt Hardy

The dybbuk box is an a haunted wine box that you may not have heard of, but you may have been haunted by. The box was bought by a furniture store owner in 2003, who discovered that he made a mistake buying this not so innocent box. When furniture store owner Kevin Mannis Stumbled upon the box at an estate sale he knew it was too god of an offer to pass up. He bought the box and took it to his store, but he soon realized that the box was no ordinary box. He was told the the person that owned the estate survived living in a concentration camp and that the box was one of three things that she brought back with her to the United States.

 The granddaughter of the estate owner was luckily able to give a little background to the history of the Dybbuk Box. After Kevin Mannis bought the box she approached him and commented on the box. She told him how serious her grandmother was about never opening the box, and that the box was to be buried with her grandmother. This went against Jewish rules of burial so she did not bury the box. Kevin offered to let her keep the box as it seemed to be important to the family, but she insisted that because he bought it he should keep it.

Kevin Mannis sold the box on Ebay and since then it has been sold many times. Every owner seems to become more and more desperate to get rid of the box. Kevin decided to give the box to his mother for mothers day. Terrible things happened to his mother only hours after he gave her the box. She suffered a stroke and became partially paralyzed. His sister began to take care of their mom and she learned very quickly that the box had some sort of darkness to it. She would leave the box and come back to the doors wide open. She did not want to keep the box so she put it on the steps of his store with a note that said, ”This has a bad darkness”. 

Kevin Mannis said that he himself also experienced terrible things while owning the box. He had nightmares nearly every night and he began to see shadows walking in his peripheral view. Some how there was an association with the box and cat urine. Kevin had never owned a cat but he smelled cat urine when around the box. His sister said that she also smelled the same thing around the box. One night he woke up from a nightmare to the feeling of someone breathing on his neck. He then saw a shadow walking away from him down the hallway. 

 In Kevins Ebay post he expressed the idea that he wanted to destroy the box but was unsure of what may happen if he did. He was worried if he destroyed the box, whatever haunted it may stay with him. He sold the box to a bidder, but made a few updates to his sale. He said that he is not religious but would appreciate prayers from anyone, He also said that people asked if he was still experiencing strange events. He responded, “I thought everything was going OK until I got home on Friday - the 13th of June - and found that the fish in my fresh water aquarium - all 10 - were dead.” Maybe that was coincidental but still, creepy.

Since the sale of the box Kevin has not had much involvement, however he did answer a few questions. He revealed that the story of the Dybbuk box was completely made up and it was not true. He never expected it to become so popular. I think that he did a great job creating such a detailed story. There was definitely more to the story than I shared, so if you want to read more you can read more HERE. The story is very interesting to read so I recommend reading about it. It is a great story to spend some time reading about if that is something you enjoy doing

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Horror at the Stanley Hotel

 By Stephen Blystone

The Stanley Hotel is not only a beautiful vacation spot to just get away, it is also one ofthe most well-known hotels in America, but not for the reasons you may expect. As soon as thehotel opened in early July 1909, it was well known for being a nice and beautiful place to staymainly because explained on by Buck, Barb. March 10, 2014, “It was one of the firsthotels west of the Mississippi to have electricity.” But the main reason for its fame today is thecountless cases of paranormal activity encountered while staying at the hotel. 
The most famous story about the Stanley Hotel Takes place in room 217, not long after the hotel was built there was an explosion as the head housekeeper was lighting candles during a storm, the explosion in room 217 destroyed the floor beneath her but she miraculously survived. This was stated on “” but the author was not posted. In an interview with my uncle (who would like to stay anonymous), he stated that “while at the checkout desk he felt a child run up and grab his shirt and yank on it, but when he turned around no one was there”. 
If you have ever seen the movie “The Shining” by Stephen King, you may know more about the Stanley Hotel than you even realize. While writing “The Shining” Mr. King stayed at the Stanley Hotel, but not just in any room, he stayed in room 217. That’s right the same room that has such a horrific story behind it is the same room where one of the most well-known books and horror movies of all time was conceived. Some of the events in “The Shining” were based on actual events that occurred during Stephen King, and his wife Tabitha were occupants. Some people even speculate that the main character Jack is supposed to be Mr. King. 
While the most famous part of the hotel is all of the paranormal activity that occurs within the four walls, as seen on multiple ghost hunting tv-shows, beauty is one of the things that keep people coming back. Located in Colorado near a beautiful hillside, this haunted hotel is one of the places that any paranormal junkie or movie buff must visit. Countless years of paranormal activity, celebrity visits, and stories that get passed around ever since that one stormy night when the housekeeper almost lost her life. This is what gives the Stanley Hotel its spooky reputation. 

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“The Stanley Hotel to House Horror-Themed Film Center.” Entertainment Close-Up, Close-Up Media, Inc, 2015. This article talks a great deal about the horrors that have occurred over the many years that the Stanley Hotel has been open. This article also talks about how this may be one of the first horror-themed museums Accessed on October 25, 2021. 
“A Night at The Stanley Hotel.” The Gazette (Colorado Springs, Colo.), Tribune Content Agency, 2016. This article is about what you may encounter while staying the night inside of the Stanley Hotel. It goes in-depth about all of the supernatural encounters people have encountered and what you may encounter as well. Accessed on October 25, 2021
Anonymous Uncle. “My ghostly experience” 2021. My uncle  has stayed inside of this hotel before and he believes he came in contact with a spirit. He believes that a child’s spirit ran up behind him and tugged on his shirt because when he turned and looked around no one was there but his shirt had just been pulled.

If you would like to look more into the Stanley Hotel, here are some links to get you started.