Saturday, December 4, 2021

Robert the Doll

 By Dureal Dobbs

Robert the Doll's background started off with him being gifted to a child named Gene. They did everything together and talked about everything. Gene had the attic as Robert’s house, it had furniture and he even gave him his own teddy bear. His parents thought Gene was just doing a different voice for Robert but realized the doll was possessed when they heard furniture moving, and Gene balled up on his bed in fear. They locked Robert in the attic for years but would still hear footsteps. Many kids would see Robert move in the window from side to side.  

Later on Gene became a painter and he wanted to spark up their relationship. Doing that caused him to blame his shortcomings on Robert. It caused problems with Gene’s wife because he would have random mood swings and beat her. Gene died then not too long after his wife died as well.

More people moved into the house and a 10 years old little girl found Robert in the attic. Robert did the same exact thing to the girl. He was later on sent to a museum where other possessed dolls are. The museum is Fort East Martello Museum where he resides in a box. The box is covered  with writings from people begging him to release his curse. Robert glitches in pictures but it stops as soon as people leave the museum. Robert is examined yearly to make sure the humidity of Florida is not affecting his wool. His misfortune causes such as car accidents, broken bones, job loss, divorce, and many other tragedies They dove deeper about the gifts Robert’s gift he received such as candy, money, letters, advice, emails, and even kept up with his social media and catalogs. This curse happens when people take pictures without permission or save pictures on their devices.

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For Further Research: This source gives a solid background infromation on Robert. This article talks more about Robert being in the museum and his curse. It gave a person input on how Robert and his experience seeing him.

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