Sunday, December 5, 2021

Horror at the Stanley Hotel

 By Stephen Blystone

The Stanley Hotel is not only a beautiful vacation spot to just get away, it is also one ofthe most well-known hotels in America, but not for the reasons you may expect. As soon as thehotel opened in early July 1909, it was well known for being a nice and beautiful place to staymainly because explained on by Buck, Barb. March 10, 2014, “It was one of the firsthotels west of the Mississippi to have electricity.” But the main reason for its fame today is thecountless cases of paranormal activity encountered while staying at the hotel. 
The most famous story about the Stanley Hotel Takes place in room 217, not long after the hotel was built there was an explosion as the head housekeeper was lighting candles during a storm, the explosion in room 217 destroyed the floor beneath her but she miraculously survived. This was stated on “” but the author was not posted. In an interview with my uncle (who would like to stay anonymous), he stated that “while at the checkout desk he felt a child run up and grab his shirt and yank on it, but when he turned around no one was there”. 
If you have ever seen the movie “The Shining” by Stephen King, you may know more about the Stanley Hotel than you even realize. While writing “The Shining” Mr. King stayed at the Stanley Hotel, but not just in any room, he stayed in room 217. That’s right the same room that has such a horrific story behind it is the same room where one of the most well-known books and horror movies of all time was conceived. Some of the events in “The Shining” were based on actual events that occurred during Stephen King, and his wife Tabitha were occupants. Some people even speculate that the main character Jack is supposed to be Mr. King. 
While the most famous part of the hotel is all of the paranormal activity that occurs within the four walls, as seen on multiple ghost hunting tv-shows, beauty is one of the things that keep people coming back. Located in Colorado near a beautiful hillside, this haunted hotel is one of the places that any paranormal junkie or movie buff must visit. Countless years of paranormal activity, celebrity visits, and stories that get passed around ever since that one stormy night when the housekeeper almost lost her life. This is what gives the Stanley Hotel its spooky reputation. 

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