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Haunted Savannah, Georgia

 By Preslee Trahan

The most haunted places in Savannah

Savannah, Georgia is a coastal city, is separated from South Carolina by the Savannah River. It’s known for manicured parks, horse-drawn carriages and antebellum architecture. Its historic district is filled with cobblestoned squares and parks such as Forsyth Park shaded by oak trees covered with Spanish moss. Homes and buildings sit atop Native American burial grounds; roads cover forgotten cemeteries of slaves and colonialists. Over the years, bloody battles, massive fires, yellow-fever epidemics, and hurricanes have taken hundreds of lives, leaving behind unsettled spirits. There are many ghost stories and haunted buildings that Savannah is known as one of the most haunted cities in America, which is also stated on USA Today. According to an article on the Marshall House, entitled “The 6 Most Haunted Places in Savannah That You Can Actually Visit”, guest have experienced ghost in the hallways, nonexistent children running down the halls and faucets turning on by themselves. In the article they say, “...the Marshall House one of the best haunted hotels in the U.S. since 1851.” (“The 6 Most Haunted...”) It may be one of the best because it may have the most experienced paranormal activity place in Savannah.

Colonial Park Cemetery


Every haunted city has a haunted cemetery. Colonial Park Cemetery is the haunted cemetery in Savannah, GA. According to an article about the cemetery, entitled “The Ghost of Colonial Park Cemetery”, “Many people believe this willful desecration of burial grounds helps to fuel the haunted activity which is attributed to Colonial Park Cemetery.” The most famous ghost story to come out of Colonial Park Cemetery is the haunted story of Rene Rondolier . Rene’s ghost is reported seen walking  through the Cemetery, or hanging from the ‘Hanging Tree’which is towards the back of Colonial Park  Cemetery. in real life Rene was a very large person, standing almost 7 feet tall. It was said that one night Rene was caught not long after murdering two young girls inside of the cemetery. A mob was organized to find and lynch Rene. After Rene was hung in the nearby square, residents started to report a large shadowy figure walking the grounds of Colonial Park, Rene's favorite place to play. The problem with this story is it isn’t true, and thehave no records of little girls being killed. But people do see large, figured shadows in the cemetery. There are many ghosts stories that are real in Savannah, GA.

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