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The Truth of Mothman

Author: Rhonda Moxley

In a dark town along the Ohio River in Point Pleasant West Virginia. On November 12, 1966 two couples both recently married saw a tall, figure in front of them. The creature had big red eyes and wings. They tried to get away but the creature could fly 105 mph. What is this creature you ask? He is very known as the mothman. Nobody has spoken up about see this creature until now. After news has got out more people of the town has spoken up. Over the next thirteen months they had more than 100 reports saying they saw “the bird” or “big bird” also known as mothman. Many didn’t want to say anything because they didn’t want t get called crazy.

A woman skeptical after hearing this decides to go the “TNT” the area where the couple saw him, to see if she can see him for herself. She was carrying her child the car and saw a tall like man with big wings outside her car. She was too scared to drive after that. On December 15,1967 the Silver Bridge  collapsed killing 46 people. Many come to think that mothman came to warning of the collapse. Later they came out with a film called “The Mothman Prophecies” and it orientated from mothman. The movie aired in 2002 with Richard Gere staring as Klein the main person in the movie. Klein wakes up in Point Pleasant with no idea how he got there, he then sees a creature his wife saw before she passed.

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Ghost Light Mystery: A Small Town Church’s Glowing Cross

Author: Brianna Cooper

In the small town of Cross Hill, SC  there is a church cemetery that some claim has supernatural forces at work. Bethabara Baptist Church’s cemetery is home to an iron-cross which mysteriously glows and changes colors and then it returns to its natural state. Many may not know about this unique grave marker because Cross Hill is not a very popular town in South Carolina or in general. As of July 1, 2017, it has a population of 502 (cite).I went to great lengths to unlock the truth behind this paranormal activity. Here’s the (long and hard) process I went through to find this information:

Upon googling “Old Ford’s Glowing Cross,” the amount of results that seemed relevant were minimal. The images results at the top of the page were all old, rusty Ford trucks (LOL). I only found 2 leads from Google which posed a problem. 2 articles suggested that the cross in question was the giant glowing cross standing above the Ford Amphitheatre in Hollywood. This seemed like the more appealing and glamourous story to write about. However, there was still more evidence to be found. A book called the Weird Carolinas, written by Roger Manley, claims what was stated in the above paragraph about the glowing cross. After reading all 3 of these sources, I had to decide which of these stories was the one I was looking for. The articles on Ford Amphitheatre had a little more information, but the title of the short paragraph on the back of Manley’s book was the exact same title I had received as my topic. This gave me a gut feeling that I should do more research. I had no idea how frustrating this would be.

I searched near and far. I searched far and near. I dug a hole in my backyard and ended up in China. I couldn’t seem to find anything else about Old Ford’s Glowing Cross. I was stumped.Then Igot the bright idea to look up the church itself. Silly me. I thought this would help HAHA. I could find anything about this church as well. It led me to believe it didn’t exist anymore. All that came up were different churches in Cross Hill, SC. At this point, I was desperate. Maybe the church was renamed? I googled each church with this search term glowing cross. One church made me jump for joy when I found 2 sources (both sites dedicated to haunted places) that matched the same description from the bookI found. Additionally, one of the websites Haunted Places  brought new information that made this glowing cross even more interesting. It claimed that the marker belonged to a Civil War Soldier’s ghost. Although I felt pretty satisfied with this newfound knowledge, I still couldn’t piece together what happened to Old Ford’s Baptist Church and how it was connected Bethabara Baptist Church. The whole small-town thing definitely did not make this search easy. No one was reporting church name changes in Cross Hill, SC. Who cares? Well I cared at the moment, so I had to dig that whole to China again. I used an academic database to search the church but nothing relevant came up (of course). Luckily, I didn’t give up and decided to just search “bethabara.” To my advantage, I found an encyclopedia article that explained that Bethabara was a place in biblical times that was located above the Dead Sea at a ford. YES!IT ALL MAKES SENSE!I never got any actual confirmation that Old Ford Baptist Church is now Bethabara Baptist Church, but just go with it *wink wink*.

Is this glowing cross a confusing, hard-to-find, and somewhat unbelievable conspiracy? Yes. Should you go look and see for yourself? Yes. Will I go look and see for myself? No. I love my life and I want to keep it. Happy ghost hunting! 😊

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This site is a report of another glowing cross in a cemetery located in Australia.

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Voodoo Zombies

Author: Keeley Hodge

Zombies-they died just to come back to life. They eat human flesh and love human brains. They shuffle their feet slowly and have no recall of any emotion but hungry. The only way to kill these flesh-eating creatures is to drive something through their head. These undead creatures are something we can see being real. In some parts of the world, this mythical creature is all too real.

In Haiti they know all about the zombie culture. Zombies first come about from the Haitian religion, Voodoo. Even though voodoo seems to be a separate religion, most of the Haitians consider themselves Roman Catholics (Haitian Voodoo). It is believed that the Haitian can only create a zombie if the soul of the person has been withdrawn from their bodies (HaitianVoodoo). The voodoo priests or also known as a Boukman, are the ones that revive these zombies. Boukman are seen to have much magically power in order to create zombies (Voodoo Lives). Why bring the dead back to life though? In “The Mysterious Real Zombies of Haiti” they state that when the Boukman would bring them back, the zombies would be used for labor. In other cases, the zombies are used for other work, such as attacking the Boukman enemies.

In Wade Davis' book “The Serpent and the Rainbow” he talks about his first-hand experience when he went to Haiti to do research on the famous Zombies they have. Mr. Davis explains in his book how he watched the voodoo priests pour a powder on victims to temporally paralyzed them, then bury them alive for six to twelve hours (Dolnick). After unburying them, the victims would come up with glassy eyes and docile (Dolnick). In Mr. Davis book he relives that is powder used in made from ground and roasted toad. While learning about the voodoo religion and how the zombies are made in Haiti, Davis also learned that back in the day they would use puffer fish. The priests would use the toxic from the puffer fish as the power to wound the victims (Dolnick). This powder would also help the voodoo priests control the victims.

Zombies are more real then we realize. They are the flesh eating, disease creatures we think of when we think Zombies. They are mind controlled people that have been poisoned into doing what they are told. They don’t go around eating people unless told other wise. We can concluded that voodoo zombies are different that the zombies that we believe could be real.

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Dolnick, Edward “Voodoo Part 2: Return of The Zombies.” Dow Jones & Company Inc, 1988 Academic Search Premier. This source gives an over view about the book “The Serpent and the Rainbow”. The purpose of this source is to explain what the author, Wade Davis, is taking about in the book. This source is unique because it isn’t a paper about the Haiti religion but a paper about what Wade Davis is going through in the book. It is useful because you can see what the book will be about before reading too much about it. It in an academic paper that is aimed to students

Swancer, Brent “The Mysterious Real Zombies of Haiti” Mysterious Universe 5 Aug. 2004  The purpose of this source is to give the reader an idea about what the original use of a voodoo zombie. This is unique for this project because it is one of the only sources, I found that give the history of how they used the zombies for their labor.  It is useful for my article because I can explain the history of how the Haiti's used the zombies and how the zombies came to life. This is a website found on google.

Coral Castle: Fact or Fiction?

Author: Corin Edwards

The Coral Castle has been in Homestead, Florida since he moved it in 1936. It took Edward Leedskalnin about 28 years to build this castle completely out of rock. Leedskalnin was about to marry his girlfriend Agnes, who he called his sweet sixteen, because she was sixteen at the time. He started building his rock castle in 1920 to show his love for Agnes after she called off the wedding. The structure is built completely out of oolite limestone  . Leedskalnin had no real building or lifting tools, just his hands and a carving tool for the rock. Since the beginning Leedskalnin has used the coral castle as a way to make money by charging people to come and see his progress. During the night he would crave the rocks and set them and then in the morning he would allow people to come in and see what he had done. Leedskalnin used his personal strength along with his knowledge of magnetic current to build the castle. He even wrote short books about magnetic current. Even though most scientist say that his finding are not right, it is still cool. 

No one could believe that Leedskalnin a man who was 5ft tall and weighed 100 pounds could build that castle by himself. To our amazement he did, not only did he build it but in 1936 he moved the entire structure. He did get a mover truck, however he insisted that the driver leave the truck overnight so that he could load the rocks himself. The mystery is how he did it with no help or lifting tools. Leedskalnin was a very secretive man who did not share his method with anyone, only moving and carving the rocks at night. There are several theories on how he could have done it, although none have ever been proven or tested. They are just speculations made by people and scientist. That was until Wally Wallington decided to build a replica in his back yard using only himself and gravity. His techniques look so simple, but no one had really thought of it as a way.

Leedskalnin was very smart and intuitive for his time. He was originally from Latvia a country that earned their independence from Russia in 2004 and became apart on NATO not long after; he was a self-taught engineer and sculptor who built one of Americas many amazing structures. In 1951, leedskalnin died from tuberculosis, although he is gone his work still lives today. Hundreds of people go to see the castle, there is a tour guide there who has been studying leedskalnin for years and is fascinated   with his work and theory's as well. Most people would not think that a man of his way would be able to pull something as amazing as this off, but he did.

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Walking with A Dinosaur

Author: Rhianna Bogard

Dinosaurs: animals that fuel the imaginations of millions of people all around the world. The obsession with dinosaurs even inspires pop-culture with movie such as the Jurassic Park series or urban legends like the Loch Ness Monster. There is even a rumor that a dinosaur still lives in the Congo River Basin called the Mokele-Mbembe. The Mokele-Mbembe which most popularly translates from Lingala to “the one who stops the flow of the river” is a supposed sauropod (formerly known as brontosauruses) that roams Africa.

The rumored dinosaur is said to live, hunt, and reproduce in or around the Congo River Basin, more specifically Lake Tele, located in the Republic of Congo. With color ranging from a red based brown to grey, these creatures are said to be between the size of a Hippopotamus to an Elephant with a reported length of anywhere from 16 to 32 feet (5 to 10 meters). They are said to create burrows along the river bank where they would sleep, hide or raise young. According to Unexplained Mysteries the Mokele-Mbembe are quiet creatures that spend a lot of time in the water. There are reports that the Mokele-Mbembe follows a plant-based diet, however, they are extremely territorial and will kill trespassers, specifically hippopotamuses, on site.

Heavy speculation surrounds whether the Mokele-Mbembe is real especially with such lack of definitive evidence. Most believers claim that the size of the Congo River Basin, over 1.5 million miles, is the main reason for such lack of evidence. Many theories circulate about the origins of the rumor of the Mokele-Mbembe including one which states the creature is a ghost spirit. Authors of Abominable Science!: Origins of the Yeti, Nessie, and Other Famous Cryptids Daniel Loxton and Donald R. Prothero claim that the Mokele-Mbembe and the rumors surrounding it have been pushed by the wide spread popularity of dinosaurs and fanatics from the creationist movement. The large popularity of dinosaurs during the early 20th century gave life to the first wide spread rumors about the cryptid and since the hype about dinosaurs has yet to die down the rumor thrived. It still inspires people to go searching for the creature today.

The reality of an animal this size living and thriving, is that they would need a large breeding population to be sustained. Even though the Congo River Basin is huge with the numbers needed to sustain the population as well as size of the animal there is an extremely slim to none chance humans would not have found them by now. The existence and searches for this creature is heavily supported by creationist. The existence of the Mokele-Mbembe would greatly support their ideals that man walked with the dinosaurs and evolution didn’t happen. Many searches for the creature have been led by creationist and therefore may not be purely for scientific research. All in all, with no sustainable evidence of any kind, it is hard to believe the Mokele-Mbembe is out there. However, maybe just maybe there is a dinosaur hiding from the world in the vast jungle, keeping the hopes and dreams of children everywhere alive.

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Links for further research   
Mokele-Mbembe: the search for a living dinosaur     
The source is an online article which mentions the origins of the Mokele-Mbembe and provides detailed information about the modern searches for this creature 

This video provides an in-depth history of the Mokele-Mbembe.     

Mokele Mbembe! 79787557&db=aph. 
This source is an article that dives into the existence of the Mokele Mbembe.   

Sedlec Ossuary

Author: Micah M. Mathis

Historians and Anthropologists have made it clear that there are Seven Wonders of the World. However, they may be wrong. The following image above can clarify that this should also be apart of the Seven Wonders. Turning The Seven Wonders of the World into, “The Eight Wonders of the World.” The Macabre Bone Church also known as, The Sedlec Ossuary, is an old burial ground in the quiet town of Kutna Hora, in the heart of Czech Republic. Dating back to 1278, King Otakar II of Czech Republic, ordered Abbot, a blind monk, to handcraft this ossuary to store the remains of humans in this old chapel. King Otakar II sent Abbot to Jerusalem to obtain soil from the Golgotha, known as, “Holy Soil” to bless the Ossuary. When news got out about this, many people wanted to be buried here as well, thus making it the most religious burial site in Europe. When the Bubonic plague reached Kutna Hora, it massacred over 30,000 citizens, making the Ossuary home to over 40,000 human remains. This ossuary is meant to be seen as a fascinating site and remotely strange due to human remains being instilled in this ossuary. By the fifteenth century, the community began to construct the Gothic Church. Later, many bones were removed and stacked into a pyramid-shaped in the ossuary beneath the new building. However, the construction was placed on hold until the 1870s when the Gothic Church hired a local woodcarver, Francis Rint, to create something magnificent, yet ghoulish look for the future tourist to always remember. Rint bleached each bone and used it to decorate the holy space. Creating chains of skulls to stretch across the entryways so tourist can feast their eyes on the three-hundred-year-old remains. Chalices and crosses were constructed from human femurs and hips.

One of the many iconic decorations in the Ossuary is, the Swarchenzbarg coat of arms. Made up of pelvises, skeletal fingers, skull bones, and skeletal arms. A crow made of bones was crafted to be poking out the eye of a skull. This coat of arms is designed to dedicate the Noble German family. ‘Road Unraveled’ investigated and toured the Ossuary, and also said it to be, “signs of trauma that was likely incurred during a war. It’s startling, creepy, and beautiful all at once.”

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Link for further research: 
The link above gives a brief description to the Sedlec Ossuary and presents a video of it as well. Also, Stories of hauntings occurring.
The link above is a video of the Sedlec Ossuary visited by some tourist. Each scene captures a portion of the Ossuary and shows the decorations inside.
The link above is a historical summary of the Sedlec Ossuary from 1278 until present time. 

Dead Mountain

Author: Charlie Caldwell

This was the last photo taken of the hikers before they died...
On a cold winter night February 1959 nine Russian ski-hikers would breathe their last breath on the face of Dead Mountain. The hikers were part of an elite outing group that began their trek through the Ural Mountains of Siberia. The hikers never made it to their checkpoint and also failed to reach out to anyone. Weeks went by and still no one heard from the group; therefore, a search team was put into motion and what they found would leave them speechless.

When the bodies were recovered by the  search team they were hundreds of yards away from the campsite. Some of the hikers were hardly wearing anything and others seemed to be wearing clothes they pulled off others. A few hikers had broken and bruised bones and one was missing their tongue. After they found the bodies the search team went to their tent to try and find clues. The tent appeared to be cut open from the inside almost as if the hikers were being driven out. 

Nobody knows what happened to cause the death of the hikers, but there are many theories. Many say they were driven out of the tent by an avalanche and they froze to death. How would that describe the missing tongue? Others call it a “compelling force” that caused the death of them. Some case files suggest controversial theories involving the hikers being secret agents and the KGB having to eliminate them. There were many gulag  prisons within miles from the tragedy and it was not unheard of prison escapes. If there was an escape, some of the prisoners could easily know how to kill. Could this be what drove the hikers out into the frosty wilderness?

The case of the Dyatlov Pass Incident is being reopened May 2019, but until it is solved no one will ever know what happened that mysterious frigid night on the face of Dead Mountain. The mystery of Dead Mountain will be hidden and secluded for the rest of time with no possible answer to who or what took the lives of the nine hikers.

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This site contains information relating to the hiking team and what they were trying to accomplish on their trek.

Dyatlov Pass. 
This site holds everything one needs to know about the Dyatlov Pass Incident and all of the theories that are involved.

This is a video put on Youtube and it goes into depth detail about what the case files produced.

The Wacky World of the Winchester Mystery House

Author: Richard Stoffer 

Ever wonder what Willie Wonka’s house would look like? Well wonder no more, The Winchester mystery house is as strange as you think it could be and is open for tours. 

The Winchester Mystery house with all its spires and windows looks welcoming from the outside. But if you look closely you can see the door to nowhere on the right. 

The Winchester Mystery house was built by the widow of William Wirt Winchester, Sarah Winchester. Construction started in 1884, three years after her husband's passing, and her inheriting his 20.5 million (or 532 million now), she saw a medium who told her to move to California and build a house for herself and all the spirits who had been claimed by her husband's rifles. If she continued to build, she would appease the spirits but if she didn’t, they would haunt her to her death.  

The construction on the property lasted for 20 years and thru 2 earthquakes. The design of stairs that lead to nowhere and 161 rooms were a feature she insisted upon to confuse the spirits. Until the 1906 earthquake the mansion stood at 7 stories, today it stands at 4. Boasting 161 rooms, 40 bedrooms, 2 ballrooms, and 47 fireplaces it was a marvel of its time. It also had over 10,000 panes of glass some made by the Tiffany Glass company, 2 basements and 3 elevators. The building of the property and the reasoning for it have been explored thru several books as well as a movie in 2018 featuring Helen Mirren. 

The Winchester Mystery house is one women's attempt to keep spirits at bay that turned into a wonderfully weird house to explore and is a marvel of engineering, in its own right. 

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Links for further research: 

Sarah’s Story: Winchester Mystery House. Winchester Mystery house website. 
The visitor's website is maintained by the trust who run the tours of the mansion and provides details about Sarah Winchester and the grounds. The purpose of the site is to allow site visitors a glimpse of the background and entice them to visit. 

The Winchester Mystery House: AtlasObscura
The page is hosted by Atlas Obscura: The definitive guide to the worlds hidden wonders and is maintained as a repository for weird and unique places to visit. The purpose of the site is to allow web searches for curious people who wish to visit unique places close by them or on a trip they may be taking soon.  

The Winchester Mystery house: The haunted history of one of America’s strangest and Most haunted houses. 
The website is maintained by Troy Taylor & Apartment #42 productions. It serves as a repository for all things haunted in the US and provides for research and sales of books on paranormal places and things. 

Winchester. Movie released on February 2nd 2018 by Lionsgate CBS Films.  This is a film that provides us a 1h 39m accounting of Sarah Winchester and her building of the Mystery House. The purpose of the film is to explore the possible in mental workings of the eccentric Heiress played by Helen Mirren and to deepen the mystery surrounding the House.