Monday, October 22, 2012

Bingham’s Light

Author: Jayson Oxendine

In a small community called Bingham located in Dillon South Carolina is the Bingham’s Light.
 The story of the Bingham’s Light is a about a man named John or Bill, no one is really sure of his name, but they know his last name is Bingham. What is a ghost light you may ask? A ghost light is a paranormal occurrence mostly at night time, and is usually seen all over the world. There are many different stories behind ghost lights or paranormal occurrences. Each town or community has their own story to tell about ghosts. Some may be true others are just stories passed down from generation to generation. A lot of the ghost light stories, people have actually seen them and have taken videos to prove that the ghost light is real, such as the Bingham’s Light. 

Bingham was a farmer, who one night went hunting with his dog beside some railroad tracks. While walking beside the railroad he noticed a piece of the tracks under construction. A train was on its way so he took his lantern and attempted to fix the tracks before the train came. He tried to warn the train with his lantern, but his flame was going out. He slipped on the track and the train ran him over.
According to some different sources people say the light changes colors at night and sways back and forth. The light also flickers from when the fire was going out while Bingham was trying to warn the train about the broken track. People have said that while walking towards the light it begins to get hotter and hotter. Other sources say that for the light to appear you have to yell for him, and you will know you’re close from the temperature dropping.
Another theory to the Bingham’s Light is that Bingham was a murderer and he would take bodies down by the railroad and would bury the bodies to hide them. Some people say his head was cut off by the train and he is still looking for his head. The main theory is that he, waving his lantern to try and tell the train to stop, slipped on the tracks and the train ran him over.

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  1. Lights can be an artifact of reflections, swamp gasses, moonlight, misfiring cone receptors in the retina, or camera malfunctions. I'm somewhat skeptical that a paranormal description is required.

    I do, however, like the stories that people make up, including the one with him looking for his missing head! :)

  2. To T. Pascal above, the light is real. I just don't like how it was described here as well as on other sites because they exaggerate the nature of the light. I do not know the exact history, as most people in modern times don't, but what's true is that when you go out to the location and call "John", the light will come out. The time that the light comes after called is random and sometimes it doesn't even come out. I've been out there 8 times but only seen it 2. The first time the light actually chased me and my 2 friends. The second time it came out to a point in the middle of the field and disappeared.

    The appearance of the light is not like an ordinary light. It is "ghostly", as it is a sky blue transparent glow with no shine to it whatsoever. It always floats at about 5 feet so I imagine that's how tall "John" was. Additionally, it is not in constant view as a normal light is. It flashes and moves in an erratic swaying motion like a lantern, but where it appears with each sway is the scary part because it may be in one spot to the right and the next second it may be 20 ft towards the left and a lot closer towards your direction.

    This is one experience that will knock out any skepticism. It's an ACTUAL experience and if you go a few times you will see it for yourself.

    ~Derrick F

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