Monday, October 22, 2012

Hamilton-Lillibridge House

Author: Hailey Bethune
Savannah Georgia has been known as one of the most haunted towns in America. In this town lies the Hamilton-Lillibridge House. In 1963 Jim Williams purchased this house and one other to restore. This house was fairly old and was deteriorating. Williams decided that he wanted to move this house a few blocks down the road. As the house was being moved, it collapsed and killed a worker who was helping. This was just the start to many weird occurrences that happened in this house. It is important to know that before Jim Williams purchased this house it had many owners. At one point it was a rooming house. This is just a house where people can rent rooms and stay one or more nights. There has been a tale that during this time a sailor had hung himself in one of the upstairs bedrooms. No one knows if this has anything to do with why so many frightening things have gone on in this house. While the restoration was going on in the house the workers reported hearing voices and strange noises. Jim Williams and one of his friends were walking around the house one day on the first floor when they heard noises coming from above them. As they walked up to the next story they heard it again, but this time it was coming from the next story. They finally made it to the top but when they got there, there was nothing to see. As they sat there for a minute they heard the noise again, but this time it was coming from below them, in an empty room that they had just left. (DeBolt)

On other occasions when the house was supposed to be under construction and vacant, many of the neighbors heard screams of women, they saw a man standing in the window with a black suit on, and they even saw the lights on with music playing and people dancing. Jim Williams knew something was up with this house but he didn’t quite know what. One day he called and had an exorcism preformed on the house. This didn’t work like they thought. Within a few weeks the creepy things continues in the house. Jim Williams became really interested in history of this house and started to do a little research. He realized that the lot the house was moved to had an old crypt underneath it. The workers knew that this was there but said it was empty and covered it up. Jim Williams, at this time, was working very hard and on his way out of town so he just looked past it and didn’t think twice about it. (DeBolt) This is just one of the many stories that have caused Savannah Georgia to get the label as the most haunted place in America.

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