Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Paranormal Activities and Other Creepy Things on "The Year of Halloween"

If any of our readers were inspired by our current posts on creepy, mysterious and odd things from the Can of Mystery, then you might consider also reading The Year of Halloween .

The articles on The Year of Halloween range from a series of "31 Scary Things," to tutorials on Halloween make-up, to horror movie reviews. Right now they are sponsoring a Halloween Contest with prizes ranging from gift certificates to a hand-made vampire hunting kit (pictured below).

Hand-made vampire hunting kit from
 Who knows when a vampire hunting kit might come in handy? After all, maybe running into the Vampire Beast of Bladenboro seems unlikely, but Vlad the Impaler and Lady Elizabeth Bathory (aka "The Blood Countess") were real historical figures. 

Better safe than sorry (and drained of blood)!
Happy Halloween!

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