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Lake Champlain Monster

Author: Blair Russell

Is Lake Champlain Monster Real? 

Lake Champlain received it’s named from a man named, Samuel de Champlain. Samuel was a European explorer and stated he saw monsters swimming around in the lake in the early 1600’s. Lake Champlain Monster is a sea monster that is known to live in Lake Champlain. Some people refer to the lake as “Lake Champ” for short. Champlain forms the border between New York and Vermont. The lake reaches all the way across to Canada. Lake Champlain runs 109 miles long and 11 miles in width. Many people refer to Lake Champlain’s as a version of the loch ness monster. 
 The first sighting of the lake monster comes from a Native American who says he saw the monster in the lake and refers to it as a “beast.” (“Lake Champlain Monster”). Numerous sightings have been reported over the years about seeing the Lake Champlain Monster. People who have claimed to see the monster describe it as having a long neck, a head that resembles that of a horse, humps going up and down the back, and having a dark toned skin color. Champlain monster is 15-50 feet. Although these individuals describe the lake monster with these certain characteristics, Samuel de Champlain described the monster totally different.
            According to the explorer, Samuel Champlain, the monster he saw in the lake was only 5 feet long instead of 15-50 feet long. (“Lake Champlain Monster”). He also claimed the monster had sharp teeth, such as fangs, and the head did not resemble a horse’s head, but instead more of an oval appearance. Later research finds the monster Samuel de Champlain claimed to have spotted was a plesiosaur. These types of creatures are extinct now and lived thousand of years ago.
            Lake Champ had many attractions and was very popular in the ‘60s but after then the tourists and attractions died down a little bit; this was until a photo film came out of the monster. A woman named Sandra Mansi, is the only person recorded in the world who has a photograph of the Champlain Monster. On July 5, 1997 Sandra and her husband were out on Lake Champlain with their two children. As Sandra was sitting on the shore, while her husband ventured to the car to grab the camera, is when she spotted the monster. Mansi had not a clue what she was seeing in the water, but she claimed to have thought it was a school of fish at first.  Mansi stated in an interview, “I was scared to death…I felt like I shouldn’t be there” (Mansi). Mansi and her family gained a good fortunate of capturing what could be the only photograph of Lake Champlain’s monster.
There were three analysis’s done of Mansi’s photograph because many people believed the photo to be a hoax. One professor whose specialty was dynamics examined the photo. Professor LeBlond was able to announce the approximate length and width of the monster’s lower and front portions, but not the middle section because it was under water. (Lake Champlain
Ben Radford, another man who analyzed Mansi’s photograh had a different description of the monster than LeBlond. According to Radord the head of the monster is not connected with the hump of the monster. Radford states, “The actual body contortion is very unusual and unlikely for nearly any type of living animal” (Radford).
Lake Champlain’s monster is a very mysterious, skeptical creature. It’s crazy to believe there actually could be this huge, atrocious monster swimming around Lake Champlain. Many people believe a monster truly lives in Champ’s lake, while other people believe it is just a legend and there isn’t anything living down in the sands of Lake Champlain. So, here’s a question for you. Do you believe in Lake Champlain’s monster?

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