Monday, October 22, 2012

The Ideal Palace, Hauterives, France

Author: Ashley Henderson

Hauterives is a small French town that is home to the Ideal Palace built by Postman Cheval. Hauterives is home to other popular sites but most people are interested in the Ideal Palace. Ferdinand “Postman” Cheval was born in 1836 Charmes-sur-Herbasse in France. He left school at the age of thirteen to become an apprentice in a bakery, but after working there for a while he changed his mind and decided to apply for a position as a letter carrier. This is how his nickname Postman Cheval came about. Delivering mail to all the farms was an extremely hard job, because the farms were so spaced out throughout the city, he often had to sleep in barns or in open fields until the next morning. During his mail runs, he used to keep a small journal with him and write about how his day had went. One quote he wrote, “"What else is there to do when one is constantly walking in the same setting, apart from dreaming? To fill my thoughts, I built in my dreams a magical palace…"  This quote is a foreshadow for his next amazing adventure. One day while walking his mail route he stumbled across an oddly shaped stone, he was taken aback by its size and shape. He took the stone home and from there on out this particular stone started the pathway for what became known as ideal fantasy castle. "Whatever your age, whatever your wish to achieve, if you are courageous, persistent and hard-working, you are sure to succeed."
~ Ferdinand Cheval

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