Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Dinosaurs on Prehistoric Island

Author: Catherine Puett 

 Dinosaurs were last seen on earth 65 million years ago. Or did they? In Papua, New Guinea an eyewitness saw a large creature that looked like dinosaur with a reptile tail and with a dog like head. Papua is a small village on a volcanic island. The village is somewhat prehistoric, but this village is also superstitious. On many counts the villagers have stated that they saw the creature or that it was coming after them so they couldn’t get a good look at them. Villagers and police have searched for this dinosaur like creature, but have had no luck finding it and taking a picture to prove it. Villagers also of this island go into the jungle searching for it to prove that they are not crazy. A newspaper from Sydney, Australia said that it could be a cryptic Iguanodon. Police stated in this newspaper that they went into the sacred jungle and found no results of a dinosaur living there. Even though the newspaper had an eyewitness there was nothing for them to do, but an iguanodon is a dinosaur that had a hard, conical spike on each thumb. 

 Even though Papua only had one eyewitness give a statement it is said that this creature is still roaming the island and the mayor thinks it would be a good tourist attraction. The Independent newspaper of Papua, New Guinea reported that a "dinosaur-like reptile" was seen on two occasions in the Lake Murray area, in Western Province (Dinosaurs..). This newspaper is from 1999 and no one in particular was willing to state exactly what the dinosaur looked like other than it was reptile like. This dinosaur is known for showing up occasionally only for the villagers. People all over the world come to Papua, New Guinea searching for this creature. Researchers are mostly the only group that is willing to go to the “sacred” island in search for the creature. Sometimes if the villagers allow them to search the Mayor of the small village will show them the bones that were found. The villagers are hoping someday that they iguanodon will be proven still alive. Also, the mayor is hoping to prove that the iguanodon is still alive so that they can get more attractions to this prehistoric island. It still has not been proven that this dinosaur does not roam this island, but it has not been proven that the dinosaur is even alive to this day.

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