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The Legend of Shangri-La

Author: Alex Hurst
Shangri La
From Anna Garg

A utopia is a perfect world.  People living in utopias are immortal, and possess supernatural powers.  They are forever happy, and worry free.  Sickness, suffering, and desire have never been spoken of in utopias.  There are many different known stories of utopias, such as: Shangri-la, Atlantis, and Xanadu. Utopias are said to be myths, but could it be possible they are real?  Could the great legend of Shangri-La be all myth, or could it actually be true?  Over the years many explorers have gathered new information on Shangri-La, justifying that which could in fact; make this fantasy world 100% real!
The legend starts way back in Ancient India, around 4oo BC.   At the time the legend was known as the legend of Mahabharata.  In the legend of Mahabharata there is a place referred to as Northern Kuru (Kalmiya).   In Northern Kuru everything is perfect (Kalmiya).  This place is considered to also be a utopia.  “The people here are happy and free from illness” (Kalmiya).  In Northern Kuru there are fruit trees that give off immortal nectar, so people may live “ten thousand ten hundred years” (Kalmiya).  After many years the legend of Mahabharata was translated into Tibetan, and now this legend is referred to as Shangri-La (Kalmiya).  
Another name for Shangri-La is Shambhala (   Depending on what religion you believe, determines what you call this perfect utopia ( In Shangri-La there is forever youth, and lifelong happiness ( The people in Shangri-La possess perfect bodies, and have supernatural powers ( The people of Shangri-La have perfect qualities, such as love and wisdom, and know nothing of suffering or desire (

People believe Shangri-La to be a barrier between Earth and life after ( is located in the icy mountains of the Himalayas ( It is said to be hidden to keep out any wondering outsiders. Many people have tried to find Shangri-La, but have been unsuccessful.  The only way people can find Shangri-La is if they have pure spirituality (  The King of Shambhala travelled to India and met with Buddha to learn the spiritual teachings of the Kalachakra (  He took these teachings back to the city, where the teachings were preserved (  What if you had the same spirituality that is taught in Shangri-La?  Would it be possible that you could have found the utopia?
There is also a Prophesy of Shangri-la, just as there are prophesies in different religions on Earth.  It is said there will be thirty-two kings to rule in Shangri-la ( Each of the kings will rule for 100 years (  When Shangri-La is on their 32nd king, Earth will start to end (  Barbarians will set out looking for something more to conquer, and will come across the Himalaya Mountains, and try to destroy Shangri-La (  However, Shangri-La will defeat them (
The legend of Shangri-La has many similarities as Earth.  However, they deal more with religion, and spirituality, than anything else.  Since religion is so complex on Earth there is really no way to know 100% if Shangri-La is real. Epically, since they have their own belief in religion and to find the utopia you must believe in their teachings. 

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