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The Grey Lady of Willard Library

Author: Tyler Stilp
Willard Library founded in the 1870s Evansville, Indiana
In the small dreary town of Evansville, Indiana, lies the oldest public library in the state. Since the early 1870s Willard Library has been offering books and a library atmosphere to locals. Little did they know that their library also offered something beyond checking out books.
It was just a regular early morning at The Willard Library in 1937 , when a custodian made his way downstairs to turn the furnace on. I wonder if this custodian knew that his life along with the Libraries was about to change forever in just a few seconds? As he approached the furnace he noticed a veiled woman glowing in a grey dress. That morning, the custodian spotted, The Grey Lady, a spirit that was haunting the library.  
There are many insights and thoughts from many people of who the ghost is. Many believe that the ghost is, Louise Carpenter, who was the daughter of the libraries founder.  Louise was not the biggest fan of the library, she was often found feeling jealous of the library due to all of the attention and, money her father spent on the library. On occasions the ghost will appear when there is work being done on the Library or someone is changing it from one-way to another.
The ghost makes her appearance very often; she is a nice ghost and protects the library. It was a normal Thursday afternoon when two staff members where working in the children’s area, cleaning and fixing the floor when the ghost made here appearance. There was no one in the library at this time, when they noticed a large section of books were rearranged. It was said that every fourth book had been pulled out and positioned in a weird angle.             The two staff members were very confused and not to mention creeped out!
The Grey Lady is often spotted in the children’s library, and by the behavior of the ghost in the children’s area some people believe the ghost lost a child and she is waiting for the child to come back. One day there was a group of children running around and being quite loud when it suddenly all came to a stop. A three-year-old boy that was playing came running back to his mom saying a ghost like lady was shaking her hand at him in the hallway.  Needless to say, the group of loud children playing and their parents soon went home.
            Other sighting and ghostly things do occur at the library daily. Water faucets will be turned on cull blast when nobody is around. With no one standing near the bookshelves, books will be thrown off the shelf. During the hours when the library is closed and vacant, the motion detectors will be set off.
So now you may ask, “Why is she called the Grey Lady?” There is no proof or agreement to who the ghost is, so she is left being called, The Grey Lady.
            In spite of all the people interested in the ghost the library, has set up a ghost cam. The ghost cam gives a 24- hour view of the library and a review of the times the ghost has been spotted.  Go watch it and check it out, you never know you may have the chance to see TheGrey lady herself.
The Grey Lady has become quite famous and brought even more fame to the library. Ghost Hunters from Discovery Channel, along with students eager to see the ghost have come in to witness the ghost with their own eyes. Also, the library host ghost tours all year long of the library. The library originally started doing tours during the month of October, but notice how popular they were.
            So, if you ever find yourself visiting the small dreay town of Evansville, Indiana. Be sure to stop by the Willard library to check out some books, and just maybe a ghost. Just be sure to keep your kids quiet!

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