Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Mystery of Stull: Is It Real or Not?

Author: Brianni Foxworth
Image from Ghost Hauntings
There are no more than twenty residents in the town of Stull. The cemetery located there is said to be a ground where the devil and his followers join to hold court.  In the small town of Stull Kansas, it is said to hold one of the seven gates of hell. Freaky, yes; the legend is the devil himself comes out on the night of Spring Equinox and on Halloween night. There are also rumors that say  “ will not break if  you throw it against the stones of the church,” (Faircloth). They also say, not only is the devil being seen in the cemetery, it is other spirits in the cemetery that have died in horrific ways. In the  1800s there is said to have been a practice of black magic, and other demonic rituals. There used to be a church that sat beside the cemetery; it mysteriously burned to the ground. It is said that if it rains, the rain will never touch the spot where the church was once held. The residents of Stull, say all of the legends are just rumors (Taylor).
The people that believe this is indeed true about Stull cemetery are the ones who have encountered strange activities here. After the story of the devil being seen in the cemetery over a hundred people came from all over to witness the devil for themselves. Another rumor that was going around about the cemetery is that all of the bodies that have been buried in the cemetery, the ones who have died a horrific death come out also. All of the people that showed up on the two nights the devil would appear were sadly disappointed because there were not sights of the devil that night. The stories about the hauntings on Stull did not stop because of this( Taylor).      
Now after all of the disappointment of not seeing the devil, more people came out and told their encounter with strange events that they claimed to have went on while they were visiting. Years after the first gather of witnessing the devil and his worshipers, two college students went to visit the cemetery and came back and told their encounter of the spirits in Stull. “ ...two young men were visiting Stull Cemetery  one night, and became frightened when a strong wind began blowing out of nowhere. They ran back to their car, only  to find that the vehicle had been moved to the other side of the highway, and was now facing in the opposite direction” (Taylor).

There are  more encounters that people have had and you can go to read more about this cemetery. in the end there are two opinions about Stull Kansas, some say it is haunted and it is in fact one of the seven gates to hell. Then there are those who live in Stull, and they say it is nothing supernatural there. Stull Cemetery is it real or not?

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