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Edinburgh Vaults

Author: Aaron Wilson

Edinburgh Vaults
from Wikimedia Commons
Edinburgh is the capital city in Scotland. Edinburgh Vaults also know as South Bridge Vaults were made in the late 1700’s.  The Vaults contained cobblers and other tradesmen, and as storage space for illicit material, reportedly including the bodies of people killed by serial killers. According to the article Underground Edinburgh.

The Edinburgh Vaults is a bridge over a huge valley, which has nineteen enormous arches with underground chambers. Bodies of  people killed by serial killers were brought down to the vaults to be examined. The vaults were created in the late 1800th century and abandoned in the 18030’s. They were opened again for the public to tour was 1996. According to Craig Moncrieff’s video The Edinburgh Vaults.
Edinburgh was still growing during the late 1700’s. So Scotland was somewhat a poor struggling country at the time. Scotland had few natural resources. That’s why many people were left homeless and hungry. According to Jim Tates’s article The Transformation of An Early Post-Medieval Town Into a major Modern city.

After the Vaults were abandoned of there cobblers and tradesmen refuges moved in for a home. This has been found true by deceased bodies in the vaults. Adam Fox says this in 

Little Story Books’ And Small Pamphlets’ In Edinburgh.

Map of Vaults
Edinburgh Vaults
Craig Moncrieff

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