Thursday, October 24, 2013

The Georgia Guidestones

Author: Patrick Lowder

Photo by  E. Tak Nar found on Wikimedia Commons

In the quiet town of Elbert County, Georgia, owns its very own unique monument called the Georgia Guidestones. The Georgia Guidestoneis an interesting granite structure with ten guidelines so to speak. The Guidestones are not just in English but also in seven other languages as well. The creator of this masterpiece is a man who goes by Robert C. Christian. He created the guidestones in June of 1979. Robert said he represented “a small group of loyal Americans” (Schneider). Just due west of the Guidestones lies a tablet explaining what each of the ten guidelines mean.

 In the article “A Monument’s Mysteries Include Whether It Can Draw Tourist” from The New York Times it was reported that Mr. Clamp, who has long volunteered to maintain the oft-defaced structure, urged county officials this month to lease him the land where the Guidestones stand so he can mount a campaign to attract more visitors to this area near the South Carolina border (Blinder). The Guidestones have potential to become an actual tourist attraction in Georgia. 

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