Wednesday, October 23, 2013

A Vanishing Hitchhiker; Resurrection Mary

Author: Tatyana Maddox

In Chicago, Illinois during the1930s there was a young woman who had wanted to get pretty and go out and dance. Her name was Mary. She was well dressed in white with blonde hair, she had blue eyes, and her skin was quiet pale.

While she was dancing with her boyfriend, they got into an argument. Mary no longer wanted to be at the dance with him so she storms out. She begins to walk home and is hit by a car. Mary is killed by the accident and the driver of the vehicle leaves the scene instantly. Mary’s parents had been walking along the same street and find her dead body lying in the street. They buried her at Resurrection Cemetery. 
Gate of Resurrection Cemetery

It was said that she now roams the streets where she was murdered at. If searching for Mary’s parents burial records you will find that they’re buried in a cemetery called Resurrection Cemetery but Mary’s records do not show up. It has also been reported that multiple men have picked up a woman in white who has blonde hair, blue eyes and wants to be dropped at a Resurrection Cemetery. She would get into the car and be very quiet. She asks to be dropped off in front of the gates of a cemetery. They have said they seen her disappeared into thin air.

Back in the 1939 Jerry Palus was the 1st reported story about Resurrection Mary. Jerry was at one of his favorite Halls. Where he had went regularly. He had been dancing with a beautiful young woman all night. She asked for a ride home on the same street where Mary goes to be dropped off. He does give her a ride and she gets out at the cemetery. As usual she vanishes away into the air at the gates of the cemetery. There are two people they think stories match up with Mary’s. One lady’s name was Mary Bregovy and she was in a car and drove off into a ditch. The other lady was Anna Norkus she had died in a car accident leaving from the Hall where she was dancing at.

This story is one of the most popular ghost stories in Chicago. Every time it’s been told the story always seems to have the same theme. If you ever go to visit Chicago they have tours that take you around to show you where it took place. It takes you to let you see for yourself. 

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