Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Resurrection Mary the Vanishing Hitchhiking

Author: Danielle Riley

It has been reported that, a young lady with pale skin, blonde hair, and blue eyes, has been hitchhiking her way around town. She’s found walking in a white party dress, white high heels, and a thin shawl. Often, after being picked up by a na├»ve man, she is asked to be dropped off in front of Resurrection Cemetery, as she begins to walk in the cemetery this beautiful young lady vanishes into thin air. Weird you might say? Well, weird it is, this is the story of Resurrection Mary the Vanishing Hitchhiker.
            A cold winter night in Illinois around the 1930’s, a young lady named Mary Bregovy, her boyfriend and a group of friends decided to go to a party. As they were at the party the lady and her “significant other” got into a serious argument causing Mary to storm out of the party because she decided she would rather walk home in the freezing cold than stay with her boyfriend who she hated at the time. As she was walking home tragedy struck and Mary became the victim of a hit and run car accident.  That night her body was found on the side of the road by her parents. 
Mary Bregovy is buried in one of largest cemeteries in the world located in Justice, Illinois. With over five hundred forty acres of land Resurrection Cemetery is filled with more than one hundred fifty thousand grave but the most famous grave site would be Mary’s. The beautiful young lady leaves her grave and tries to live a life that was tragically taken from her at the young age of twenty one. 
            Reports of Mary’s ghost roaming Chicago have been cited. The first coming witness would be Jerry Palus in the 1930’s. He believes that he has danced with Mary at a club in Chicago and even kissed her. According to Mr. Palus, they fell in love and he was going to take her home but she was asked to be dropped at the cemetery. While she was walking into the cemetery, she vanished and was never seen by Mr. Palus again. Later, Jerry Palus went to the former home of Mary and was astonished when he found the young lady he danced with was dead. This is not the only sighting of Mary.  John Palus later did an interview which was seen on Unsolved Mysteries. He explains how beautiful Mary was and cold her body felt. Well, when you’re dealing with a dead corpse, it is not going to be warm!

                Obviously she loves to dance because she always “seen” wearing her white party dress and white party shoes prepared in her party outfit to dance the night away! According to Claire Lopez- Rudnicki, who in 1980 believed she saw Mary walking alongside the road near Resurrection Cemetery, “She was bright, very bright, like illuminating. She was just walking very slow.” I could only imagine seeing Mary. Seeing a glowing girl walking the streets at night at would scare me, and especially after hearing the story about Mary!
            Eyewitness Bob Main is the only known person to have more than one encounter with Mary. While Bob Main was a manager of a night club, he saw this young on a late Friday night then again two weeks around the same time. As stated in an article entitled, Resurrection Cemetery: Home of Resurrection Mary, Bob Main described her as, “a woman between the ages of twenty four and thirty… blonde hair to the shoulders with “spooly” big curls.” (Resurrection Cemetery…) He then went on to say, “She sat right by the dance floor… she danced by herself.” “Who is the most bizarre person?” The thoughts that were probably going through everyone’s heads were probably crazy! Seeing a beautiful young girl with pale skin just dancing all alone would have my mind wondering.

So, if you ever decide to visit Illinois and you see and glowing, radiant, and beautiful young lady in her all white party dress, with blonde hair, beware it just may be Mary. Although she’s not out to seek revenge or hurt anyone, her immortal soul is out lurking the streets. So, don’t be afraid… she just wants a ride back to her resting place!

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  1. Wonderful and spooky story. I think there must be a more common explanation, however. A lot of my girlfriends were cold and disappeared abruptly after going dancing with me. Many even pretended to be dead! Just kidding. :)