Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Haunted Railroad Crossing of San Antonio

Author: Hunter Norris

The world has many legends. One legend in particular takes place in San Antonio, Texas. The legend in question is about a haunted railroad track. According to Stephen Wagner on About.com, in the 1930s or 1940s a bus driver was doing what he does best: driving a bus. Needless to say, there were kids riding on the bus. Unfortunately, the bus stalled as it was crossing a railroad track, and they became stuck on the tracks. As it was a railroad track, a train came by and smashed straight into the bus, killing ten kids and the driver.
            In the present day, the legend is if you drive your car to the train tracks at the corner of Shane and Villamain, says informationsanantonio.com, set it to neutral, and let go of the steering wheel, your car will ominously start rolling forward. Sure, cars roll forward on a downhill, but the tracks are on top of a hill. It is physically impossible for a car to roll uphill by its own accord. Word goes around that the ghosts of the kids and the driver are pushing your car across the tracks to the other side to protect us from suffering the same fate.
            This is not just a case of one or two isolated incidents, either. On roadsideamerica.com, you can read countless personal stories from different tourists who have tried it out for themselves. Some people claim to have even seen the ghost. One tourist, although not on the aforementioned website, claims to have taken a picture of the ghost.

 “Picture of one of the ‘ghost children.’”

            A group of paranormal investigators called Long Island Paranormal Investigators decided to do their thing and investigate the area with all of their professional equipment and experience. They did not pick up a single thing on any of their devices. On legendsofamerica.com, experts have determined the explanation of the haunting. Although it may look like the car rolls uphill, it’s just an optical illusion. It is actually a 2 degree inclination going downhill. This may explain how the car rolls forward, but what about the picture? It may be a hoax, but you never know. There are a lot of things in this world, and not everything is as it seems.

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