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Author: Sam Clarke

The African culture consists of many different mystical creatures and monsters. One of these monsters is the Tokosloshe. It is one of the most feared creatures in all of Africa. Its history can be traced all the way back to early Zulu Mythology. They say a Tokoloshe is formed by a witch to fight against their enemies. Using a deceased body they rip the eyes and tongues out of the body. They then thrust a heated iron into the body, making the corpse shrink in size. The witch then breathes life into the Tokoloshe by blowing a magical black powder into its mouth. Whatever means necessary are used to create the Tokoloshe, some being as drastic as a family member dying within a year.
This creature is much similar to that of the European brownie. It has been sighted in many different places and described in many different ways. The reason they say it is possible that the creature can look different is because its ability to change and shift shapes. It was first pictured as a short dwarf like zombie who is mischievous and evil. The most common description of the monster is a nasty-looking creature that resembles a teddy bear with great strength. Some other description that it is said to look like is being worm like and have a head like that of a dog. People in Africa do many things to avoid the Tokoloshe. 

The description of an African witch doctor.
They use the help of witch doctors to help cast spells and use medicines to protect them from this evil creature. The Tokoloshe being small does not mean it is not dangerous. It is known to create much havoc, but seems to enjoy stealing milk, scaring school children and occasionally biting people’s toes off. This is why people place their beds on bricks out of reach of this monster. He is also has been known for illness, raping women, and killing people. This little creature might be small, but sure does know how to put fear into people’s eyes.

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