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Author: Karli Stone

Incubus and Succubus are night demons many people believe in, and claim to encounter on a nightly basis. Some people suffer encounters from these creatures their entire lives. Incubus is the male demon, who lies upon women at night, and sexually assaults them. The succubus is a female demon who sexually assaults men while they sleep. Both the incubus and the succubus are able to manifest into a human like figures, or they are able to remain in beast like form. The incubus and succubus are night demons, who sexually molest men and women while they sleep. DEMON LOVER 
During the night, the Incubus, who is the male demon, visits women and has sex with them while they sleep. The Incubus usually visits for pure sexual pleasure, or to father a child with a mortal woman. Succubus, the female demon visits men in the night; she is physically capable of having sex with the men, but she prefers to assault them in their dreams only to obtain their sperm (McArthur).

 The succubus visits men in the night while they sleep, often she will have sex with the men. Other times, she will visit them in their dreams only to obtain the man’s sperm. Once she has the sperm, she takes it to the incubus who in turn takes it to a mortal woman, and impregnates her with an average child. There is no real reason known for this (Roussaeu). Occasionally, the succubus will become lesbian, and prey on women. In the event the succubus chooses a woman partner, the succubus will visit the woman in the night, and hypnotize her. Once the woman is hypnotized the succubus will have the woman perform oral sex onto the succubus or vice versa (McAurthur). 
Photobucket People claim to encounter visits from night demons quite often. Some people claim that they enjoy the visits, because the sexual pleasure is like nothing they have had before (Ghost Story Category). These people will actually summon incubus/succubus to their homes to gain the sexual pleasure and experience they seek. Other people, are horrified by the events, and plead for deliverance. In these cases the victim will seek help from a priest or try to cast them away themselves.

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