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Taiwan: San Zhi Pod Houses

Author: Alexis Crique

San Zhi Pod Houses by simplyolivia
Have you ever wanted to be a guest at a futuristic looking hotel? How about searching for one occupied with ghosts? Taiwan is the perfect spot! 

Taiwan, or Republic of China, is an island located in eastern Asia. It has Spanish, Dutch and Chinese historical backgrounds because they had all set up forts in sections of Taiwan. New Taipei City, Taiwan would have been the destination to your dream resort. New Taipei is located north of Taiwan. Its subtropical climate makes for a perfect summer vacation. The resort had looked over the northern Pacific Ocean. It was built on Dutch cemetery grounds. Unfortunately,the UFO looking resort was demolished because of apparent bankrupt, curses, and ghosts. There are three strange, different beliefs, this is the story of the San Zhi Pod Homes. 

Built in 1978, San Zhi was targeted for rich natives and military personnel who wanted to have a piece of serenity. Believing to be a good cause, the project was supported financially by the government. Throughout the times of construction, workers mysteriously began dying. Contractors moved a Chinese dragon sculpture that was originally placed in the front gates of the resort because they wanted space for an extra passage. Since there is a large quantity of Chinese culture infused in Taiwan, people believed that the movement of the sculpture brought death upon the workers. By 1980 there was no investment capital and the project was left uncompleted. With no money and a bare minimum of key workers, the buildings were left abandoned. 
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The pod houses had broken windows, village decay,and an alien texture. The houses were very colorful; ranging from yellow to red, to brown and blue. Buildings in the north are white, east are pink, and south are blue. Carrie Kellenberger was personally able to see and tour San Zhi Resort before it was tore down. Disappointingly, she did not experience any ghost or supernatural encounters. Instead she described her emotions while she was there; “ Close your eyes to the destruction . . . you can see how it was intended to look before it was abandoned.” Carrie was shocked about the poor conditions the villages were left in. Roofs were collapsed, the concrete stairs were crumbling and the walls were paper thin.

It doesn’t sound like a perfect get away, but it sure does sound like a memorable vacation spot. Had the UFO houses still been up, would you consider visiting? Take a look at this video. 

Fortunately the people from the Taipei County Government, didn’t abandon the hotel 
location. Instead they turned the area into a commercial seaside resort and water-park. It was demolished in 2009. After all of the past years of kaos, the project ends on a positive note.  

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