Monday, December 6, 2021

The Seven Gates of Hell

 by Brenda Florido-Lopez

The Seven Gates of Hell is located in Hellam Township, Pennsylvania. Once on Trout Run Road, but is now known as Toad Road. One myth about the Seven Gates of Hell is in the 1900s, an asylum burned to the ground and while firefighters were trying to go in and save the patients, they couldn’t make it in time because of the number of gates this asylum had. The patients who did manage to get out of the fire, were caught by police and beaten by police if they were too psychotic, some others managed to not get caught. The gates in this story resemble keeping the patient’s souls from coming out and anyone from coming in. 

Another myth about the Seven Gates of Hell is there was a doctor who lived in the area and he went insane which caused him to build seven gates going deep into the forest. It is said that only one gate was visible during the day but at night, the other six could only be seen at night. whoever has passed the gates never make it past the fifth gate, and once passing all seven, they will be entering Hell.

People who do go into the gates have heard screams and a rush of wind throughout the forest. Because of all the attention this area received, the gates are no longer there. Although the gates are no longer there, travelers enjoy camping near the area where the asylum supposedly was. Hellam Township has claimed there was never an asylum built in that part of town nor a fire. Although there is a doctor who lives there with one gate, he has no trespassing signs throughout his property. People have also argued that because of “Hell” in Hellam, it is named after hell, but Hellam Townhsip has also denied that, they claim it is named after Hallamshire, England. 

The town of Hellam has asked for tourists to stop coming for this reason, and that trespassers will be prosecuted.

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