Saturday, November 2, 2013


Author: Avery Deas

"Bigfoot." Chambers Dictionary of the Unexplained. London: Chambers Harrap, 2007. Credo Reference. Web. 17 October 2013.  This source gives good information about some people who has had an encounter with Bigfoot. The writer intends to persuade the reader to believe that Bigfoot is real. The source is targeting people who believe in bigfoot. This is written to let the world no bout the encounters some people had with Bigfoot. I chose this source because it tells about peoples encounter with bigfoot. There are no pictures but it is well organized. This source has real people talking about their encounter with bigfoot, which would provide good information for my research.

Martin, Linda Jo. Marble Mountain Wilderness Bigfoot Sightings. Bigfoot Sightings. LJ Mattin Web, 23 July 2012. Web 16 oct. 2013. This source gives good information on where Bigfoot was sighted or could be found. It also shows videos of the beast. The source intends to give  real evidence of Bigfoot in the wild and to show where it could be found. The writer is targeting nonbelievers by showing them video evidence of the creator. I chose this source because it showed the location of where bigfoot was seen and videos of the creator. This source is different because it actually give s proof. I hope to use the videos to improve my research. 

"LEGENDS AND OTHER TRUTHS." The Greenwood Encyclopedia of American Regional Cultures: The Pacific Region. Santa Barbara: ABC-CLIO, 2004. Credo Reference. Web. 17 October 2013. This source talks about the terrain and territory Bigfoot is most likely to live. The website is not to influence the reader but to give the reader knowledge on the type of habitat Bigfoot would live in. The source is for everyone to know. It does not target a particular group of people. I chose this source because for those who do believe in Bigfoot would love to know where to find it. With this source I hope to gain more evidence.

Pavone Food. Jack Link's "Messin' with Sasquatch" is advertainment gold. Pavone Food and Beverage. Pavone, Inc, 30 May 2013. This source shows bigfoot in commercials that we all watch. It does not Influence the reader but it gets everyone's attention by using  the TV network. This source is to entertain the readers. I chose this source because it uses funny videos to capture the reader's attention. Using this source well help me get the audience attention and not bore them with just facts but can also entertain them with funny videos.

"Yeti." The Crystal Reference Encyclopedia. West Chiltington: Crystal Semantics, 2005. Credo Reference. Web. 18 October 2013. This source gives me a another name for Bigfoot known as the yeti. It gives the reader a different name for the beast. The source targets everyone. I chose this source to show that bigfoot is none if many different names.

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