Saturday, November 2, 2013

The Hampton Lillibridge House

Author: Kaiyla Oliver

Hampton Lillibridge from Crime Library on Vimeo.

There have been stories about the Hampton Lillibridge House, and how it is haunted. A man named Jim moved into that house, and had workers to work on things that needed to be. They were reportedly working the house, and heard many noises. Along with strange activity happening. One man was working upstairs and had a strange force that tried to move him into a deep hole in the floor. So to try and save himself he laid down on his back. Not only was this going on. But they heard loud sounds that sounded like furniture moving around, along with tools going missing. 

After hearing what the workers had told him. Jim decided to move into the house anyway. While staying the night there, he admitted that he heard strange noises, and felt strange forces among him.

Some say that when you look up at the third floor window. You see an old man dressed in black looking right back at you. That sounds creepy right?

This article tells the history of the house, and where all of the hauntings all started. There is a sailor who committed suicide. By hanging himself in the bathroom. Neighbors reported hearing the voice of a woman singing while the house was empty. They also reported strange figures of people dancing in the windows upstairs.

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