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Author: Brandon Sharpe

Many stories have been passed down through the years about a giant reptilian carnivore called the “Burrunjor.”  This is a huge walking reptile, which roams in Australia, looking for both humans and animals for food.  Some of the “Burrunjor’s” distinct characteristics, such as its short arms and its huge three-toed track, relate it to other dinosaurs like the Tyrannosaurus and the Megalania Prisca.  Another characteristic the “Burrunjor” had was a bipedal stance, which allowed the creature to run a great distance with it.  This reptile would belong to a group of dinosaurs that became extinct many years ago called the Theropods.
            The Aboriginal tribe of Australia, here “long before the coming of White Men,” believed these monsters entered came from the past though “time windows” (The Cryptozoologist).  Other views that the tribe may have on “the creation of the world” are known as the “Dreamtime” (The Cryptozoologist).  This theory could also be used to explain mysteries of other extinct animals that have been seen in other places, but have never been captured.  This tribe has passed down information of this reptile by cave drawings and oral tradition.  Because it was simply passed down orally form one generation to the next, who knows where there story could have changed.  The stories included such tales as farmers reporting their cattle as missing or being half-eaten.  Loud rumbling sounds in the distant and even personal encounters with the Burrunjor are other stories the Aboriginal tribe members can tell.  One story specifically was told by the “part-Aboriginal tracker” Johnny Mathews.  Mathews said he saw “a 25-foot tall” creature described as a Burrunjor “moving through scrub…one day in 1961” (The Cryptozoologist). 
            There are many other stories and claims that have been told regarding the Burrunjor.  One certain well-known account is from the book Out of the Dreamtime – The Search from Australasia’s Unknown Animals written by Rex and Heather Gilroy.  The Gilroy’s write about a man named Bryan Clark who was tending to a group of cattle, but got lost out in the woods.  Little to Clark’s knowledge a policeman and two Aboriginal trackers set out to find him.  Once darkness fell the three men decided they needed to set up camp, which so happened to be in the area around the “Burrunjor’s land.”  Much to the Aboriginals’ dismay the men tried to catch some sleep.  Soon the policeman’s sleep was disturbed by the yelling and screaming of the Aboriginals and he finally realized the ground was shaking.  The men quickly got their things together and ran out of the woods, never looking back.  Later, the policeman reportedly told Clark that if he ever found himself in that situation again, it was every man to his own.  No one wanted to go back in there in fear of the terrible sounds thought to come from the Burrunjor. 

Image of the Burrunjor from SyFy's Destination Truth
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