Saturday, November 2, 2013

The Legend of Alice Flagg

Author: Disaiah Whack

Why do ghosts roam the Earth afterlife? I believe that a spirit cannot leave this Earth if it is holding on to someone or something. In Alice Flagg’s case she holds on to something a special someone gave her. Love is one of the strongest emotions that humans hold on to, and in this case so do ghosts.

            Alice Flagg grew up in a wealthy family consisting of a long line of doctors. Her family lived in The Hermitage on  Murrells, Inlet. The Hermitage still stands and is now a tourist attraction. Traditionally, it would only make sense for her to find love in a young man from a wealthy family. Unfortunately, Alice found true love in a local lumberman, which her family disapproved of. During this time (mid 1800s) it was unpopular for women of a wealthy family to marry someone outside of their social status. Alice, being in love, decided to continued her relationship with the lumberman. Over a period of time her lover gave her the gift of a ring tied on a ribbon, which she wore around her neck underneath her clothes so that her family could not see.  She kept her relationship with the lumberman a secret from her family for months. Using the ring as a reminder and symbol of her love. Once her mother discovered the hidden ring, Alice was shipped off to a boarding school in Charleston, South Carolina.  Her brother took the ring and through it into the marsh so she could not wear it anymore.

While away at the boarding school Alice became sick from a terrible fever. Once her brother found out about her illness, he rushed to Charleston to retrieve his sister from the boarding school and bring her home. Unfortunately, Alice died by the next day. Some say as Alice was on her death bed she reached and grabbed for the ring on a ribbon that had been snatched from her neck. The tale tellers say that Alice’s ghost, to this day, still roams the land where The Hermitage once stood in search of her ring on a ribbon.

Many people travel to see Alice Flagg’s grave, and some locals pay a monthly visit to her grave site. Sometimes, local schools take field trips to her grave in search for the ghost. They leave rings, flowers, and money. They say if you walk backwards around Alice Flagg’s grave 13 times her ghost will appear unto you. What would you do if you came in contact with the ghost of Alice Flagg? Could you relate to her story? Do you feel as though her sickness could have been prevented if her family would have let her make her own decisions about dating?

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