Saturday, November 2, 2013

The Island of the Dolls

Author: Daisha Arledge

Ramalama_22 Island of the Dolls sightings
These unpleasant looking dolls that live in trees on the island of Mexico symbolize bad spirits. An article about these mysterious dolls called “Mexico’s Haunted Doll Island” was written by Lamkin is about a man name Don Julian Santana who moved to Mexico away from his family. The place he chose to live at was abandoned, alone, and unfriendly looking, but Don had no idea about the dark spirits and the place. One day Don had experienced voices talking to him, it was one particular voice that spoke to him clearly. In the year of 1920 a little girl was playing near the island and fell in the water and drowned, So she spoke with Don wanting him to collect dolls that resembles voodoo dolls. Don collected these dolls and he would hang them up in his tree outside the house. Not too long after Don was collecting dolls for the little girl it wasn’t enough for her. Don’s nephew was visiting Don in April, 2001 and Lankin stated that Don said, “He felt these voices wanted him to join them in their watery grave.”(Lankin) Don was found by his nephew in the water unconscious in the water where the little girl had drowned at. Don was dead from drowning. No one knew what was wrong with Don, they thought he was delusional and crazy. People who visit Mexico go visit to see the doll in the day light because at night the dolls are frightening. 
Doupe “Chucky from Child’s Play” 
It’s an article that’s similar to “The Island of the Dolls”, The article is a biography about a doll that was possessed. There was a man named Charles Lee Ray known by Lakeshore Strangler was shot and killed. Charles practiced voodoo, so he knew how to change his soul into anything. The night he got shot it was a doll shop near him and he switched his souls into chucky the doll. A little boy named Andy bought the doll Chucky and discovered that the doll could talk and kill people. Chucky had Andy helping him find the people who shot him that night he switched souls. After Chucky killed who he wanted he was going after Andy because Andy knew his secret. Chucky was evil and he would kill anyone that was in his way. Chucky has been manipulated, abandoned, and hurt after people who knew about him attempted to kill Chucky. Andy was followed by Chucky until he was at the age of sixteen. Rainbowclimblinghigh said, “Andy, with the help of his girlfriend Kristin, destroys Chucky to shreds and Chucky died until someone comes and fixes him again.”(rainbowclimbinghigh) 

This video is giving a better look and feeling of the “Island of the Dolls”. The music in the video gives me a personal feeling how horrified the people were who visited Mexico when they seen the dolls hanging from the tree. The voices of the evil spirits are fearful and gives me an idea how that little girl who drowned was whispering in Don’s ear to get him to swim in the water.  The little girl’s hand was shown in the water on the video and this resembles the little girl drowning. The evil spirit voices was whispering to Don telling him to jump in the water, Don was found in the water where the little girl had died. Don had died in the same spot as the little girl.
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