Saturday, November 2, 2013

The Mysterious Stones of Death Valley

Author: Ashley Hines

In Life we often come across certain things that are not deemed to be logical or broken down to a science. Some things have to accepted for what they are.

The mysterious stones of Death Valley have raised many suspicions as to what might have caused these rocks to move. There have been many theories and absurd explanations about how the rocks move about without any physical assistance from animals or humans. Although no one has actually seen the stones move, there have been speculations that an alien life form used magnetic pull to move the rocks. The tracks left by these stones led to those suspicions.

The picture above shows the tracks left behind by the moving rocks. The tracks can range in length from anywhere between 2.54 cm deep to 3-12 inches wide, with hundreds of feet in length.  The reason the rocks have never been seen moving is because it take the stones 2 to 3 years to slide. As shown in the picture two rocks may slide parallel to the other but over time will change directions. Some stones however, will turn over an with a different side being a different texture, the tracks will not be the same.

 DEATH VALLEY is a desert valley in California that is 240ft below sea level and is a 20 degree drop in temperature. The drop in temperature has scientists inferring that may be what caused the rocks to move.
Though many scientists have conducted experiments to test this theory, their end results have proven to be inconclusive.
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