Sunday, November 27, 2016

Theory of Hollow Earth

Jaylen Johnson

Most people who know who Edmond Halley is, know that he discovered that comets have elliptical orbits and he also has a comet named after him, Halley’s Comet. Not only did Edmond Halley discover this observation of comets, but he is the creator of the hollow earth theory. As he studied the Earth’s magnetic field, he noticed that the earth had a problem in its magnetic variations especially at the north and south poles. In 1692, he presented his theory to the British society. Edmond Halley’s theory was that the Earth was hollow and on the inside there were three smaller circles. He stated that the circles had their own magnetic field causing the magnetic variations at the Earth’s poles. The most amazing aspect of his theory was that he believed that there may be life inside of the Earth in between the gaps of these three smaller spheres. Over time, Halley’s theory has been altered by believers to what they actually thought was the case of Earth being hollow making this seem to be a psuedoscience.

This theory of Earth being hollow has much controversy surrounding it because there are so many possibilities that individuals have come up with based on Edmond Halley’s original theory. According to Eric Grunhauser, in his article “The Hollow Earth Is Filled With Giants, Germans, and A Little Sun”, some individuals believe that Hitler and the Germans made it to hollow Earth by making a deal with the people of hollow Earth. Most believers view the inside of hollow Earth to be a paradise or UTOPIA where technology is more advanced than on the surface and the people who live there are descendants of ancient civilizations.

John Cleeves Symmes was another major believer of Earth being hollow. He was a war of 1812 hero and wrote letters and gave lectures about Earth being hollow. Eventually made actions to go to the poles and find entrances to the hollow Earth. Even though he found no entrances to hollow earth at the poles he didn’t stop believing that the earth was hollow and kept informing people of the Earth being hollow until he died in 1849. A man named Cyrus Teed came up with the theory that the whole universe was inside of a shell and we were living on the inside of earth. He described when we look up that the moon and other planets to be an illusion and stars to be reflections of light. Teed created his own cult in Estero, Florida named Koreshan Unity, and lasted from 1894 to when Cyrus Teed died in 1908.

From my research, the hollow earth theory is really controversial because there are so many different views on this topic of whether the earth is hollow or not. What if the Earth is actually hollow? What’s inside? Who’s inside?

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