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The Sleeping Prophet: Edgar Cayce

Amiya Waiters

Picture of Edgar Cayce

Edgar Cayce was an astounding clairvoyant earning him titles such as a prophet or what he is more well known as being is the “The Sleeping Prophet.” Most of Edgars psychic readings were done in his sleep. There are over 14,306 documented psychic readings done by Cayce. Edgar Cayce was born into a middle class christian family in Hopkinsville Kentucky. His psychic reading abilities began to appear as early as his childhood. As a child Edgar, would get visions while sitting in the woods after reading his bible.  After the death of his grandfather he reported spotting him regularly around the farm. He would often play with “imaginary friends” which would he would say were spirits from the other side.

Edgar Cayce as a young adult from 

Later on he would soon come to find, by putting himself into a dream like state, in which he could come in contact with time in space; or the universal conscious. In this state one would ask Edgar questions as broad as “what are the secrets to the universe?” to as specific as “what can I do to solve this cold?” Edgar his responses would usually be specific and offer practical help. His psychic readings ranged from the economy, to health, relationships, government things, helping with loved ones, and other things. His sole purpose when it came to his gift, even as early as childhood, was too help those around him.
This being said he was often compared to another great prophet known as Nostradamus. Edgar and Nostradamus both started off as physicians and spent most of their lives helping and healing others.  Edgar Cayce also prophesied the deaths of presidents, wars, diseases and their cures, along with natural disasters, and predicted the rise of the ancient civilization Atlantis. Edgar Cayce often did the impossible when it came to ailments of the body. One man was never to walk again once he broke his leg. Cayce told doctors to insert a nail into the knee cap of the man. It proved successful and was considered the first time a nail had been used to cure an ailment. His wife Gertrud was even diagnosed with cancer and the doctors told him that she would not survive. Though through following his step by step instructions she was cured of the disease. He also predicted WWII and once it began he tried his best to help those who sent him letters asking of the well-being of their loved ones. This went from two readings in a day to seven or eight a day. Doing these readings took an immense amount of energy and was very taxing on the body. Even so he continued to help and suffered a stroke in September of 1944 and later died in January 4,1945 in Virginia Beach.  

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