Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Ghost Lights

Author: Brandon Saylor

Weird floating light appearing in the distance

The Brown Mountain Lights are some of the most famous ghost lights in the world. There have been multiple reports in the North Carolina mountains.The lights also attracted the attention of scientists. They have been investigated twice by the U.S. Geological Survey.The ghost lights appear at weird times over the top of Brown Mountain. They move vertically and are clear ,but it disappears as it goes over the mountain. Sometimes they have a red or blue look and almost look like a star. Most of the time, the lights pop up so fast were you can barely see them.

Dark gloomy lights fly over the Texas skyline

The Marfa Lights have entertained the people of Marfa, Texas for years. The light splits into two then flies around to then combined back into each other. These lights are one of the most popular ghost lights right next to the Brown Mountain ghost lights. People all over the world have traveled to see these lights for themselves. Local residents have speculated that the lights are from the devil and are dancing throughout the sky. There has also recently been a link to flying lights in the Southwest Pacific . Most ghost lights are not solved scientifically and still stay as a natural wonder.

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