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Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel Ghosts...Haunting

Author:Mychaela Gilbert

The 131-year-old hotel has more than a few residents who’ve checked in the hotel but have never checked out. Some hotels make you want to extend residents stay, while some, like the Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel  takes a further step into the afterlife. Having been around since June 1st,1888, the 764-room luxury hotel, hasa Scottish Baronial architecture set in the Canadian Rocky Mountains in Banff, Alberta(Keraghosian). The hotel isn’t shy about celebrating its famous ghost residents. William Cornelius Van Horne, appointing general manager of the Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR), has been given recognition of the tourism potential of the Canadian West and his philosophy reflecting this awareness(Then and Now). Van Horne envisioned a lavish hotel resort along the railway through Rocky and Selkirk Mountains(Then and Now). One of the most famous of all hauntings occurring at the hotel is the story of “The Bride”(Guilbert).The story dates back to the late 1920s. On one young couples wedding day, the bride, decked out in her wedding gown, began to walk down the hotels marble staircase. Something startled her causing her to slip and fall. Some have said she caught her heel in the hem of her dress. Others have said her dress brushed up against a candles flame. Whether of which is true the bride died on those very steps. Since then the hotel staff and guests have reported seeing a veiled figure moving up and down the stairs in a wedding stress.The young bride still waiting on her first dance with her husband she never had. Luckily if you’re planning a visit to the hotel, you can get the pleasure of staying in Room 873(Guilbert). Unfortunately, this disturbed and haunted room isn’t a room anymore due to it being fully boarded up and made to look apart of the highway. The story goes about a family staying in the room when the father decided to cold blood kill his wife and daughter before committing suicide. Their souls remained, but the bodies were removed. Guests that have stayed in the room have claimed that the room didn’t remain peaceful for very long. Guests have claimed to be woken in the dead of night by harrowing screams, petrified, around turning on the lights there was nothing there except bloody handprints over the walls. Sometimes the handprints would disappear on their own, but other times the cleaning staff would spend hours trying to scrub the prints, but they would remain there for days before vanishing. Although the room is no longer available for guests, there have been incidents where screams are heard when they pass the spot where Room 873 would have been. Although seeing is believing, if one visits the hotel a skeptic the odds are,they will leave the hotel a believer (Real Stories of the Paranormal).

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Guest Post: Haunting Legends of Fairmont's Banff Springs Hotel In Canada
Author, Michael Mink, discusses a post that was posted back in October 2017. Fast forward to October 2018, one person answered the blog sharing a story regarding the hotel. His name was Joseph Kubal. He then writes about one famous story, Room 873. The purpose is to showcase the different haunting that Michael experienced during his time at the hotel. He then goes on to tell more stories about, “The Secret Room”, “The Helpful Bellman”, “The Phantom Bride” and many others.

Real Stories of the Paranormal: Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel, Canada
In the article Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel, Canada, written on the Creepy Ghosts Stories website, it discusses the luxury four-star hotel that sits upon lush green pine trees and has of eye-catching mountains for over 130 years.

Banff Springs.
In the book Banff Springs, Bart Robinson analyzes the entire history regarding the Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel. He acknowledges Morley Robert's first discovery of Banff. There was a castle rising above the banks of the Bow River where Morley found a rock palace in the wilderness. It was indeed for the Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel. It was like a dream in a dream itself.

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