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Author: Rashad Stowers

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Atlantis has been source of research for thousands of years. There’s been discussion of the likely hood of the existence of this mysterious island nation. Can you imagine living in a beautiful and powerful island nation. Your life is full of adventure and you like being a part of this society. When all of sudden this terrible and strong winds and tides come in from the coast. As the minutes go by and the water starts to get closer as closer to you. So, you run back to the village and tell your family and higher officials of the impending destruction of your home. Your family and officials go into a panic and start gathering people to safe area. All your hoping is that the water levees will keep the water from reaching landfall. But now as you and the people of Atlantis are at the safe location, the waters unfortunately overcame the levees. Now the land has begun to flood and the home you loved was quickly being sunken by waters. You may wonder if this utopian society existed and where it was located possibly?

 According to This island was believed to have very advanced Technology, such as space aircraft and automobiles. So, you can imagine the lady earlier depicted in the scenario, you would empathize in how she feels losing this very comfortable life. That said that they the island was larger in size as Libya and Asia Minor put together. It was in the Atlantic, just beyond the pillars of Hercules. That location is believed to the Strait of Gibraltar. This nation had a vast military and technology that was accessible. So, you may be wondering how this nation was eradicated so quickly?

Do you wonder why Atlantis sunk so quickly?

So how was this huge island nation disappear so quickly? The first video above says it because the immorality of the Atlantean’s, so it was believed the Greek god Zeus  was  angry and destroyed the island nation .How?  It was destroyed by waters from Zeus Then another source says that Atlanta was destroyed by a natural disaster.

There’re many speculations about the actual location of Atlantis say that is located on the coast of Africa. That’s where they found ruins of stone structure underwater and also located in the Gulf of Mexico. But some things about this island we’ll never know.

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