Thursday, May 9, 2019

Are We In Danger?

Author: Airyhana Brown

Chemtrails in the sky

Imagine you’re walking around with a loved one when they suddenly ask you to look up into the sky, there you see a skywriting of your name. You’re amazed but you’re also wondering how it was possible. While planes naturally release a trail of condensed water while at high altitudes, people rather believe that those trails are altering the temperature of the environment or poisoning the planet. While the government does have the means to make this happen, the process is actually quite natural and referred to as a contrail. The word chemtrail is directly related to the conspiracy. Chemtrail was actually a name given to the conspiracy by the government. Suzanne Maher believes that the term ‘conspiracy theory’ was created by the CIA to discredit those who question the government, so she never uses the term.(Bell)  It all began in the 1990s when “investigative journalists” like William Thomas began describing purported plots by the government to inject poisons into the atmosphere via the exhaust trails of jet planes.(CSI) Nearly twenty years later and Chemtrails are still a hot topic. Global warming has increased which makes Chemtrails seem more and more realistic. We understand that we could treat the environment better, but with the drastic weather changes, people are looking for a more realistic cause.

Suzanne Maher on the right
“Chemtrails” have been described as either a means of carrying out biological warfare upon the citizenry of the United States or as a method of weather modification, perhaps related to mitigation of global warming. (CSI) Since the 1990s global warming has become a rising issue in America and we as a nation suffer from the effects every year. People who believe in chemtrails are apart of a massive mind control effect. It’s believed that lithium was sprayed 30,000 feet or so, in an attempt to control global warming, and still others say chemtrails are there to make the global warming “hoax” more convincing. Atmospheric scientists, environmental groups working on air quality issues, and engineers familiar with aircraft mechanics, since then have completely dismissed chemtrail notions.(Clarke) While as Americans we look for the shortcut to all of our situations, we also look for validation in our work. If someone had found a way to validate the idea of chemtrails it would’ve been proven by now. So far there is only one peer-reviewed paper on the topic and a study. Chemtrail advocates point out that persistent contrails are much more prevalent than they once were, which is true. That’s easily explained by dramatic increases in air traffic, as well as by changes in the fuel efficiency of jet engines leading to cooler exhaust, and increased water vapor in the atmosphere due to global warming(Clarke)

Links For Further Research:

“The 'Chemtrail Conspiracy'.” CSI,

CSI gives their research and scientific response concerning Chemtrails.

Clarke, Chris. “Why Do People Believe in Chemtrails?” KCET, 25 May 2017,

KCET is a broadcast channel that covers a variety of national news. They cover chemtrails and the mindset of those who believe in Chemtrails. Their goal is to engage, educate and activate viewers to become involved in the world. They let readers experience the story from both the scientific and nonscientific sides of the story.

Bell, Chris. “Chemtrail' Conspiracy Theorists: The People Who Think Governments Control the     Weather.” BBC News, 31 Jan. 2018,  

BBC news is covering a protest about chemtrails. A group of people who conspire against the government naturally were in charge of the protest. Local activists were calling the protest ByeByeBlueSky

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