Sunday, November 1, 2015


Deja Moultrie

Up in the Himalayan Mountains in Asia many have witnessed to see what they called a Yeti. The most commonly known name for Yeti is Bigfoot as most people call this creature. A Yeti is what seem to be abominable snowman. As The National Geographic Channel stated, most people believe that a Yeti is a giant ape-man, and others believe it is a God. With its dark gray like or reddish-brown hair and weighing between 200 and 400 pounds, the Yeti made its first appearance in 1832 by a British explorer B.H. Hodgeson stated by Stewart Green in his article “The Yeti: Legend, Lore, and Climbing Mystery”. B.H. Hodgeson have reported seeing the wild creature, but with it reddish-brown hair he believed that it was an orangutan. Years after the first report of this mysterious creature, others believed that they have encounter this same animal and reported their story also. Stewart Green also mentioned that in 1899 the first recorded footprints of the Yeti have been reported by Laurence Waddell, but being that he wasn’t a full believer in the Yeti stories that everyone was telling him because the never really witnessed the creature with their own eyes, he felt as though the footprints was left by a bear. Which is quite understandable because in Laura Smith-Spark informed us in her article “Has the mystery of the Yeti finally been solved?” the hair follicle that is believed to be from a Yeti genetically proved that a Yeti and bears are related in some way, shape or form. Therefore it wouldn’t be too difficult to get those two species confused. In 1925 as Stewart Green stated, was when the first detail report was made by a Greek photographer name N.A. Tombazi, on a British expedition. It was said that he saw a dark figure in the snow, but couldn’t make out what it was. It walked like a human, but it didn’t wear any clothes. Before he could take a picture, the dark figured disappeared .There isn’t anyone who had full contact of Bigfoot and who have tons of evidence that this creature exist. There are some people that are still trying to get a glimpse of this mysterious creature and there are some people who do not believe that this creature walks on earth. The Yeti is still known to be one of the most popular mythological legend and until someone comes to fully prove that this creature is real it will forever be a myth.

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