Monday, November 9, 2015

The Secret Number


You may think of 23 as an ordinary number on a number line. What number could have a secret you say it’s just not possible.  The 23rd enigma is interesting concept in many countries it refers to most events and disasters happening around 23. William S. Burroughs was the first person ever to believe the 23rd enigma. With his beliefs he went on and wrote a book titled the 23rd Skidoo, which was the first book on this theory to ever be published. Burroughs knew a captain who sailed for 23 years without an accident happening. One day they conversed about the captain’s spotless record of never having an accident for 23 years.  On the very next day there was a horrific accident which ended up killing the captain and everybody aboard.  No one really knows why this number is unlucky and thought to be very dangerous. There have been many questions related to the number and its secrets and origins of where it comes from. Where did it originate from,  and What are some of the events to occur?  “Unexplained Mysteries” is an article explaining events associated with 23.  Numerous  events such as Hitler joining a secret society in 1923, Adam and Eve having 23 daughters,  and 2/3=.666, which is the number of the devil, are examples of the 23rd Enigma.

Based upon this mysterious theory the movie 23 was created . Jim Carrey plays a man who finds a novel called The Number 23 where he becomes obsessed with the number and it’s patterns . Everything begins to spin out of control for him after strange events began to occur. The movie demonstrates all numbers have a pattern and but only some people are willing to figure out this pattern. When he finds the pattern it puts his life in danger and he becomes a person no one knows. He becomes addicted to this number and won’t let it go. Consuming his life until he goes completely insane. The movie trailer for The Number 23  gives an example of what actually happens in the movie and some of the events that’s to his character and his family.
 23 can also be considered a lucky number because sometimes people have good luck and achieve items they have never had before due to this number. The 23 Enigma Goddess Accord explains how someone won the lottery, and 23 was one number that was associated in the line -up. They won 2 million dollars just because of that, one number. According to this article, 23 isn’t all bad and it can actually help you.

There is a lot the number 23 is associated with sometimes it can be good sometimes it can be bad. It is definitely a number that is mysterious but has great meaning behind it.

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