Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Twisted Waters

 Sasha Sloup

The Bermuda Triangle is and has been one of the world’s most mysterious places on Earth. This place lies between Florida, Puerto Rico, and Bermunda in a trianglular shape. Charles Berlitz came out with best-selling book in 1974 where he introduced the theory of Atlantis being connected to the Bermuda Triangle. After this, many other people started to come up with their own theories of the Bermuda Triangle such as it's a portal for gods, aliens, or to a parrallel universe. In Bloomsbury guide to human thought, the author discusses that people tend to believe in "pseudoscience." Pseudoscience can translate to fake/false science. Many people like Charles Berlitz probably believe in the paranormal or pseudoscience of things just to push the boundaries of their thoughts. Whether pseudoscience can be proven or not, it's typically fun to think of the unknown.

Still, the unknown, like the Bermuda Triangle, can be very dark and scary but there could be some possible answers to it. Many airplanes and ships have gone missing in this area. Recently The Weather Network reported on an El Faro ship that went missing with 33 mariners in the Bermuda Triangle. The ship was in the path of Hurricane Joaquin and people believe that the hurricane might of been the reason why it went missing. Yet, the ship went missing in the Bermuda Triangle and they haven't found anything but one body.


In this video, one of the pilots describe that when he was flying through the Bermuda Triangle his compass was spinning counter clockwise. This could be a cause of the Earth’s magnetic field. In Magnetic Anomalies, McGovern states that “For centuries, sailors have reported the existence of regions where, for no apparent reason, their compasses become inaccurate.” One of these regions is the Bermuda Triangle. It could be that the Earth’s magnetic properties has an impact on this area that causes pilots and sailors to lose control of their airplane or ship. Also in the History video, David Pares, says the planes can act as a passive antenna brining high amounts of energy to the area. No one yet knows what’s the exact cause of this but this is a very good lead to these mysteries.

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