Sunday, November 1, 2015

The Beast of Bladenboro

Naomi Aaron
The Beast of Bladenboro

In 1953, there were strange killings that were appearing in Bladenboro, North Carolina. Something was killing animals and leaving their bodies bloodless and skulls crashed. This killer was given the name “The Beast of Bladenboro” (Hotz). The first witness to see The Beast was a police officer, who described it as a black and large four legged animal. The second victims of The Beast were dogs. The dogs were ripped apart and found with not any blood in their bodies (Hotz). After this incident, numerous dogs were killed and their bodies torn. Most of the people who say they have seen The Beast described it as being dark and bigger than a dog (McCray). Everyone, including tourists, want to see The Beast of Bladenboro, so they could have a story to tell everyone. Police told townspeople, especially women and children, to stay inside their houses when the sun went down and to never walk outside alone (Hotz). One morning in 1954, a bobcat was caught in a large cage. Many people suspected that the bobcat was the Beast of Bladenboro, or wanted to believed that the bobcat was. Then the killings of 1953 and 1954, suddenly stopped and the tourists left Bladenboro, North Carolina. On June 15th, 2013 dogs were found dead with little to none blood in their bodies. Many people believed that this was the second coming of the Beast of Bladenboro (Mathews). The tourists came back to Bladenboro, North Carolina to look for the Beast. But, just as quick as it appeared, the killings stopped and the news channels left.

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Links for further research: you images of what the Beast of Bladenboro might look like. Talks about the annual Beast of Bladenboro Day in Bladenboro, North Carolina that people celebrate every year.
Example of when The Beast of Bladenboro was on the History Channel and many viewers watched and wanted to learn more about the Beast. article talks about animals including the Beast of Bladenboro that have been a mystery and only a few have claimed to see them.

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