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Bimini Road/ Bimini Wall (Atlantis)

Janea Boyd

The Mystery of the Bimini Road

    The picture above shows a picture of Bimini Road/ Bimini Wall (Atlantis). This picture shows an underwater rock formation found near North Bimini Island in the Bahamas. It has a very unusual arrangement of stones, therefore some believe it to be part of the lost city of Atlantis (first spoken by Plato). As said in Brewer’s Dictionary of Phrase and Fable, published by Susie Dent, Bimini is a rock pattern that was discovered off the coast of the Bahamas in 1968 that led to the discovery of a road built on the site of the lost island. The lost island of Atlantis was discovered was first mentioned by Greek Philosopher Plato according to Chambers Dictionary of the Unexplained.
    In the source from LexisNexis it says that many believe Bimini is a formation of underwater stones that could lead to the Lost City of Atlantis. Tim McDonald reports about 400m off Paradise Point, where the thin leaves of Australian pines wave in the south-easterly trade winds, lies an ancient, underwater arrangement of stones that has baffled natives, mystics and scientists for generations.  Decades of both weird and real science have only served to intensify the mystery.  They call it the Bimini Road and some say it leads to the lost continent of Atlantis. Others say it's simply a bunch of rocks. Scientist who believe rock formations and artifacts, both in the Bahamas and in other parts of the world, point to civilizations more ancient than presently believed are wary of using the actual word, “Atlantis”.

    A source from the Sunday News, says how Bimini is a “gem”. It is called the “gem” because of the old-fashioned Bahamas of yesteryear and the eccentric quirkiness of places like Key West. Bimini is known to be very colorful with a scandalous past. Even though Bimini has its perks, it is a very beautiful island 50 miles near the coast of Miami.

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