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The Winchester Mystery House

 Emily Ginas

Sarah Winchester crazy or truthful? A house built by spirits is a slogan for The Winchester Mystery House. Located in the Santa Clara Valley current day San Jose California, the building commenced in 1884 and continued for over 38 years. Owner Sarah Winchester had an eye for design when it came to this marvelous mansion. As said in the article “The Truth About Sarah Winchester” by Richard Allen Wagner, Sarah hired over 20 carpenters to work for her 24 hours a day 365 days a week. You’re probably asking why. Why Sarah had created this incredible house, why she had so many carpenters. Well, let us go back to September 30, 1862. On this day Sarah married her husband William, a very well off man who owned a gun company used in the Civil War and Western Wars. They later on brought a daughter named Annie into the world on July 12, 1866. Annie sadly passed 40 days after birth due to a rare birth defect known as Marasmus. A few years later in 1880, William fell deathly ill with Tuberculosis. Leaving Sarah with $20,000,000 dollars, and a pay without taxes taken out of $1000 a week, but this still wasn’t good enough. Sarah had officially gone mad and into a depression. The mourning of her daughter and husband was too much for her, she sought out to a spiritualist. According to the published text on the website Winchester Mystery House “Sarah Winchester: Woman of Mystery” the spiritualist told her that her family was being haunted by spirits. Spirits of American Indians, Civil War Soldiers and others who were killed by the Winchester Rifle. Apparently they’re the reason why her husband and child passed and she would be the next in line. The spiritualist gave another option; move out west and start to build a house, but she must never stop building, once she stops the spirits will take her life.

Continuing on with the house for 38 years Sarah has created a labyrinth. Doors that lead to no where, hallways that lead to no where, the style of the house is quite interesting. The house was made in this way to confuse the ghost so they couldn’t find her. The use of the number 13 throughout the house is very interesting also Sarah Winchester seemed to be very superstitious. As we see on the website The Winchester Mystery House “The Number 13” within the house Sarah has the number 13 use quite frequently. 13 steps on many stair cases, 13 holes in the sink drain covers, 13 ceiling panels in some rooms, even 13 hooks in her Séance room, and many more. Including her will, she had 13 parts within and signed it 13 times! She believes the number 13 will ward off evil spirits. Now, fast forward past Miss Winchester’s natural caused death to present day. The house to this day still has the eerie feel to it. As if she never left…
It is difficult to say if Miss Winchester is ludicrous or if this is her way of mourning. What do you think?

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