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The Stull Cemetery

 Okwunne Ogbogu

the mysteriously remains of the destroyed church

People who have visited Stull Cemetery often walk away forever changed. Not that it is apparently noticeable or an immediate note of something occurring, Stull causes something to effect peoples lives. Call it a curse or a black mark on their lives something paranormal is often thought to happen in the months following their visit. We all know a average sane persons life changes daily, but, many who have dared to set foot on the un-holy plot of land known as Stull Cemetery feel that something happened the day they did that has changed their lives for the worse. Some call it the devil's curse, some tales say the flames of hell actually has lifted up through the earth and burnt or marked their souls for damnation.

Kathy M., a paranormal investigator from Tennessee, said after traveling there to see what it was all about has destroyed her life. Upon returning home from the investigation with fellow team members everything went wrong. From the group disbanding, divorces, and even a sudden tragic illness and a death or two. Not one to believe in such things Kathy and her group out of fear started charting and documenting everything that had happen since their visit to Stull cemetery in late October of 2008.

"The long list of current and past tragedy's read like a laundry list of the Devil's dirty work", says Kathy. It's infamous nicknames are The Seven Lost Gates of Hell, The Cemetery of The Damned, Satan's Burial Ground, The Devil's playground and most infamous The Seventh Gate to Hell. Stull cemetery is often said to be where Satan the Devil himself appears. Located in Stull an unincorporated town in Douglas County, Kansas, and United States. The old haunted cemetery as many have claimed located in Stull has gained an decent amount of recognition due to various urban legends referring to the Devil, and as being a supposed gateway to Hell. Local police have discouraged curiosity seekers from entering the cemetery, especially on Halloween, and some people have been arrested for trespassing there. The cemetery is also the site of the final confrontation of the Apocalypse in season five of the television series Supernatural.


burnt out church, old tree, and rusty graves

If people were asked where one of the gates to hell might be located, very few would say Kansas, but according to locals, it just may be. The place is called Stull Cemetery in Stull, Kansas. The small town of Stull was settled in 1862. At first sight, the cemetery appears very normal. Picture of the burnt-out church Roughly 100 graves etc., there is more lingering right under the surface. In 1995, Time Magazine asked Pope John Paul 2nd why he ordered his plane to fly around Kansas, and his response..."I don't want to fly over unholy ground..." Some of the hype may come from the fact that Stull Cemetery is located in the Topeka zip code prefix of "666", or perhaps even that the road leading up to the cemetery, was literally named Devil's Lane up until 1905. In 1974, the University of Kansas college newspaper did a report on Stull Cemetery, which sites the legend being over 100 years. The elders of the small town believe that Stull Cemetery is one of the alleged 7 gateways to hell, allowing Satan to allegedly manifest on earth through a supernatural portal. This legend comes from a handful of local rumors, one being that Satan's unholy son is buried within the walls of Stull, and that on the Spring Equinox, and on midnight of Halloween, the Prince of Darkness comes to earth to visit the tomb of his son. Picture of the burnt church the exact location of the gateway to hell is unknown, but most of the controversy centers on the burnt out church in the cemetery.

Stull Cemetery, the church was built in 1867, and was swept over by the mysterious fire in the early 1900's. Some say that the religious community destroyed the church in an attempt to seal the gateway to hell. Although the church has no roof, it is said that no rain will ever fall within the church. Another secret to the Stull mystery revolves around the pine tree that was mentioned above. It is reported that witches were hung from this tree during the Spring Equinox Sabbat years ago, and that a town man was reported missing for some time, only to be found later hanging from this very tree. Modern covens did indeed visit this cemetery to pay homage to those witches that died there, up until 1998, when the caretakers had the tree cut down and removed. Halloween night of 1999, media from Lawrence Journal World and Sunflower Cable Station Channel 6 News were at the cemetery by permission of the Sheriff. At 11:30pm, only 30 minutes before the alleged gate to hell would be cast open, an unknown representative of the cemetery caretakers appeared, and requested the Sheriff to remove the reporters. The media left peacefully, mere moments before the stroke of midnight.

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