Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Resurrection Mary/Vanishing Hitchhiker

by Caroline Petersen

Mr Harmen. The main gate of Resurrection Cemetery on Archer Avenue in Justice, IL. September 8th, 2006.

It is said that up in Chicago, Illinois there has been sights of a pale girl with blue eyes and blonde hair on the street corners proceeding to ask for rides. She has frightened people since the early 1930’s on Archer Avenue. One night a young girl was walking home from a dance, which is now O’Henry Ballroom, alone crying after a fight with her boyfriend, when unexpectedly was hit on the side of the road as the driver drove off leaving the girl to die. Mary Bregovy who died December 25, 1932 and was buried in the Roman Catholic Resurrection Cemetery in Illinois. Some say she still walks the streets looking for a way to mend her broken heart in her white dress. Some also say she was a to-be young bride looking for a husband. Legend has that she asks for rides from taxi drivers and disappears in the back seat every time they pass the cemetery where she is buried.

Many people over the years have had different encounters with Mary they have reported. One that seems to stand out the most to people is with a man named Jerry Palus. Jerry, in the 1930’s went to the same ballroom years after Mary’s death, and noticed this beautiful girl dressed in white, who he danced with all night. Jerry that night asked if Mary needed a ride home from the ballroom as she accepted and gave Jerry her address to where her family lives. On the way to drop her off, Mary asked Jerry to stop by the cemetery. Of course, he took her, but as he tried to get out to come with her she insisted for him to stay in the car. As he followed her command, Mary walked towards the gates and vanished in the air right before Jerry’s eyes.

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