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Bloody Mary and the Terrible Fate of Those that Wronged Her

by Jasmine Sligh

Bloody Mary
Bloody Mary

On a cold dreary night, you make the slow decision to call on Bloody Mary, something which you will soon come to regret. You went into the bathroom, stepped to the mirror, looked straight ahead and said I believe in Mary Worth, Bloody Mary once, a second time, then five more after. But at the end one thing changed. You stared in the mirror, but a face of someone other than your own was looking back at you. Your eyes started to bleed, but you still couldn’t look away. You couldn’t even move to run. You were stuck in your spot nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. The blood started to drip from everywhere. You grew more and more afraid as time went on.  But out of nowhere it all came to a bloody stop. The face disappeared. Your face was the only one there. You could now shuffle your feet. So you did what anyone would do, you ran as far away from the bathroom as you could. Just to trip on a rug right down the hall. I guess it’s just the bad juju from bloody Mary.
Bloody Mary has a long history that dates back to 555.There is this essay by John Jeffcoat, an antique anthropologist, that asks readers to consider history as a part of folklore to bring something so sinister back to life. He uses historical events to compare the likely hood of something as crazy as “Bloody Mary” being as real as you and me. The purpose of this article to do a simple thing and that is to prove that Queen Mary and Bloody Mary are one in the same. 
Childhood to Adult Life 
Jeffcoat’s article talks about Queen Mary and how she first assumed her name. It all started when Mary was a little girl her dad couldn’t bear a son with her mother. So he moved on to the next woman he thought could. Which in a sense would make her very angry because he disowned her. In order to remarry he changed their religion from Roman Catholic to Protestantism which to her probably ruined her life because under Catholic religion her dad couldn’t divorce her mom even though they were cousins. If her parents stayed together it would’ve ended in her taking the crown. He instead changed his religion making her mom and his marriage annulled and cheating her out of a crown. Since that didn’t plan out the way it was supposed to she ended up having to wait for her weak younger brother that he had with his new wife to die before she was even reinstated.
When she was finally reinstated she tried to change the parliament back over to Roman Catholic through force. Some of the people were quite adamant about their religion. They believed in their religion to the fullest and were burned alive for it. Which in fact gave Queen Mary her name Bloody Mary. So for Queen Mary life has never been easy with the dislike of her father then her kingdom. The one person who would love her to no end never got the chance to. I can see why she is so angry. She has never been loved by anyone her kingdom or family, so she probably goes on to show people how she feels by hunting young teenage girls who dare to even say her name. I gave you the knowledge. You can drink from my fountain, or you can sip, but even if you ask me I will tell you every time that Bloody Mary is just as real as you and me.

According to this video multiple kids tried to chant up Bloody Mary. The one that seemed to work even a little was the one when they said I know who killed your baby or I killed your baby.

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Links for further research:
Timeline world history documentaries: Mary l - Bloody Mary The man on the video give actual accounts or historical events about bloody Mary or queen Mary her religion and he shows actual places where thing took place.
The True Story Of Bloody Mary, The Woman Behind The Mirror The author of this article gives actual historical evidence to help prove that bloody Mary is real.
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