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The Leamington Lighthouse and the Blue Lady

 Author: Skylar Shirey

The Leamington Lighthouse was a beacon of light used to guide sailors on their way. It is located in  Hilton Head and served the ocean’s sailors for many years. One night tragedy struck the lighthouse, and the area has never been the same. 

On a dark night in 1896 a gigantic storm hit Hilton Head Island. This storm affected the whole town, but most importantly the lighthouse. The lighthouse keeper, Adam Fripp, worked tirelessly to keep the light a flame. Despite his best-efforts Fripp had exerted himself too much and died from a heart attack. Adam Fripp left behind his daughter Caroline Fripp. After not hearing from her father, Caroline set out to the Lighthouse to check on him. When she arrived, she was greeted with the body of her deceased father. She placed pennies over his eyes to give him good fortune in the afterlife. Despite her grief she continued where her father left off servicing the lighthouse. While distributing oil up the lighthouse Caroline fell and died when she me the ground. Days later, once the storm had passed, rescuers found the bodies of the father and daughter. They were laid to rest, and the lighthouse never received another keeper. 

Over time the Lighthouses purpose shifted. SC Picture Project describes this shift in their article entitled, “Leamington Lighthouse.” The area around the lighthouse became a Marine base, and then later became a historic monument. Some say the have see a figure wandering the area on stormy nights. This figure is seen radiating blue in a white dress. She was given the name The Blue Lady. Witnesses say when the Blue Lady is spotted, she is heard wailing. Because of the description of the Blue Lady and the area she resides in paranormal experts believe she is Caroline Fripp. They say she is wandering crying out for her missing father. 

In the later years the keeper of the lighthouse home has been moved to a location within town. Dennis Woods, a real estate investor based in the state or Oregon who investigates real estate and the stores that coincide with it writes in his article, “The Hilton Head Blue Lady - Paranormal Activity on Hilton Head Island” about the sightings of the Blue Lady. He describes, during the demolition and construction, a blue phone would ring at the house’s new location. Once picked up the phone would scream the sound of cries. Some believes this was the work of the Blue Lady. Construction workers also say that when leaving the sight late at night the see a blue light glowing within the home. 

The Leamington Lighthouse still stands tall in Hilton Head. Plaques have been placed around it telling the story of the storm and the Blue Lady. Though it has been many years those who visit the lighthouse on stormy nights may still see the Blue Lady in all her glory. 

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